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Jake Redman March 31, 2014

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On March 31, 2014
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Seating: Once your eyes have adjusted to the Vegas worthy neon lighting, you’ll see there’s a good variety of seating here.  Space age swivel chairs and loungers of all sizes are split up into different sections, offering spaces mainly designed for pairs and solo travelers but a few spaces better geared for small groups. It’s not “one size fits all” though. A few seats, particularly solo seats that face out the narrow window that looks out into the terminal, are best suited for the smaller framed visitor.

See pics of this lounge in the Gallery.

Eva Air Infinity Lounge TPE
It gets weirder as you move further toward the back of the lounge. – Eva Air Infiny Louge at Taipei (TPE)

Among the seating groups you’ll find a good number of table and chair setups if you’re stopping in for a quick bite, standard low and cushy leather loungers if you want a more typical experience or tall-back, 60’s mod swivel chairs if you want to pretend that you’re a Bond villan.

Priority Pass - 10% Off

Food/Drink:The Eva Air website claims that visitors to their Infinity Lounge “can enjoy delicious Chinese and Western cuisine” and it’s sort of true. There’s a fairly robust Chinese selection that includes a generous buffet and self-serve dim sum but the “western” selection is laughable. If hot dogs on a stick is all the folks at Eva think we eat over here well…they forgot the deep fyer and corn batter.

Your self directed degree in mixology is finally going to pay off a little here. The selection is limited but the spirits are self-serve and mixers are nearby so you can attempt to craft a perfect Rob Roy. Beer and beverages more common at AA meetings including soda, coffee and sippy-cup water are here for you too.

Eva Airways Infinity Lounge Taipei - Dim Sum
Help yourself. – Dim-Sum without the carts at Eva Air Infinity Lounge TPE

Wi-fi/Connectivity:Free and fast wi-fi is here for your streaming and twittering. We had zero trouble connecting or doing our normal social networking and business online activity. Streming video in small doeses seemed flawless with little to no buffering so watch as many cute kitten videos as you like.

If you’re looking to plug in and charge up, there are plenty of places to do it. Several outlets are located on counters along the terminal view window side of the lounge. International power guide – Taiwan.

Service:The service staff inside the lounge seemed to clean up and get out of the way in a hurry. Even once the lounge was busy, messes would dissappear in a flash and you’d never know anyone was there. It was like magic. The front desk crew was extremely friendly with nothing but smiles on arrival and departure.

Showers: We didn’t visit the showers here but Eva’s website claims that the rooms are “themed”. Hmm.

Summary: In the immediate area, Eva Air has a few other lounges that are accessible with different levels of flight class or elite membership so this drunk-on-neon adventure might not be your best choice, but we liked it. Odd but fairly comfortable seating and a decent amount of food (exluding what’s on the hot dog warmer) makes for a visit that’s on the better side of average.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5).

How to get in: Business class (Royal Laurel) or being a higher tier Eva elite member will get you in.

Access to nearby lounge via: Priority Pass - 10% Off

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