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Video | Plaza Premium Lounge Vancouver – USA Gates

Jake Redman August 25, 2014 2

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On August 25, 2014
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Lounge: Plaza Premium Lounge
 Vancouver Airport (YVR) – USA Gates

Seating: If you’re looking to plop down at a kitchen table this Plaza Premium Lounge might not be your fave. Frankly, We’re not huge fans of that kind of seating in lounges anyway so finding only loungers and minmal bar-level seating was just fine.

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You’ll find mostly comfortable lounge chairs, some situated around appropriately sized tables and some lined up against walls next to center consoles. We moved around a bit so we’re confident in saying each lounger is pretty comfortable (at least to us). The only seats we didn’t sample were the tall bar-style chairs near the kitchen but with padded bases and backs, they appear more comfortable than you’ll find in the similar seats of other lounges.

Fall back into a big cushy lounger and snack on a table that’s big enough for 2.

Food/Drink: If you’re expecting typical domestic lounge fare, you’ll be delighted to find a lot more to choose from. While the hot food options weren’t anywhere near “best we’ve ever had” quality, we were at least happy to see something more than cookies, crackers and trail mix. Small sandwiches, cheeses and salad fixings are here too so variety should help you find at least a snack.

If you like baked goods, cookies and brownies lead the desert menu while muffins are here for a “breakfast all day” option.

Spirits, beer and wine aren’t top shelf but there’s a good selection and it’s all self serve. A fridge full of popular Canadian and US brews is just steps away from a table nicely decorated with bottles of wine and a good selection of lower and middle shelf booze where you can initiate preflighting.

Food at YVR Plaza Premium Lounge
Tiny bites are good alternatives to the hot food options.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Wi-fi is complimentary and operates at reasonable speed. Just check at the front desk for login information.

Service: Front desk staff was “above and beyond”-style friendly. We were checked in quickly with smiles using our Priority Pass membership and were offered similar pleasantries on the way out.

The lounge wasnt  busy on our visit but tables were cleaned up, food was well stocked and the entire space was well maintianed throughout our time there.

Showers: Only the Plaza Premium Lounges located in the International arrival and departure areas at YVR have showers. Both the lounge in the Canadian domestic area and this one are without.

Summary: Our last visit to Vancouver had us less impressed with the Plaza Premium Lounge in the international gate area but both that lounge and this one have since been remodeled. This one is smaller but has the same refreshed, comfy seating and good food options for it’s size. If it isn’t packed, the lounge is a great spot to relax and enjoy a quick bite. Our sampling of the hot meals wasn’t entirely successful but the relatively robust selection of snacks and sandwiches worked as a solid backup. The price of a single-visit pass seems like a good value to us.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5).

How to get in: At the time of this post single-visit passes start at $35 for a 2 hour visit and can be purchased directy via Plaza Network.

Access this and other lounges via: {{priority}}

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  1. msp2anywhere on September 27, 2014

    We used this lounge in February, coming back from a ski trip to Whistler- and had the same impression, though your “church bake sale” and “why enter the US sober?” comments (totally on the money, BTW) had me cracking up.

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