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Video | PrimeClass Lounge Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST)

Jake Redman January 13, 2014 1

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On January 13, 2014
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Lounge: PrimeClass Lounge
Where: Istanbul (IST) – Atatürk Havalimani (IST), International Terminal

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Seating: If you’ve followed us for awhile you likely know that we tend to look for a good variety of seating in each lounge and that’s what we found here at PrimeClass Lounge inside Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal (IST). Typical loungers that we’ll call “Euro” sized (a smidge narrow if you need extra hip space) are scattered throughout the club along with a few slightly larger seats and plenty of cafe seating for chow time.

While we prefer lounges that are better sectioned by walls and more private spaces, the open concept of the space is smart. Seats are sectioned into areas where solo travelers are accommodated as nicely as pairs and families or larger groups. If you really want privacy, try the cubicled massage chairs near the back of the lounge. Really loud snoring is clearly permitted as one super-sleepy traveler displayed on our visit.

PrimeClass Lounge Seating
It’s not granddad’s La-Z-Boy but it’s comfy and has a power port next to it. – Basic seat at PrimeClass Lounge Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Food/Drink: Well done, PrimeClass. This is one of the more impressive spreads we’ve seen in a common-use lounge. A full spread of hot food choices is served up buffet-style alongside soups, snacks and an array of desserts. From sushi to casserole-style dishes, there’s plenty here to make sure you walk out well-fed.

You might also walk out tipsy.

There’s a full bar here with what appears to be an impressive wall of mixables. If you’re not here to get knocked-out before your flight, there’s a selection of self-serve drinks suitable for all ages.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Just grab the password from the front desk and sign in. Wi-fi at the PrimeClass Lounge IST is speedy enough at least for simple e-mail and social networking. We had no problems uploading photos to services like Instagram or sending simple messages. While we didn’t fully run the connection through a thick testing process, it responded well for our needs.

There were a good number of power outlets near lounge chairs. Unless the club is at capacity, it shouldn’t be tough to find a place to power-up.

Service: Front desk staff provided a minimum level of courtesy, which is fine with us as long as the rest of the experience is acceptable…and it was. Food and maintenance staff were constantly on top of changing out food and keeping the lounge picked-up and our bartender was as cordial and as personable as you can expect from a guy who slings drinks to anything from nerve-wracked international business types to smelly, dust covered, trust fund backpackers.

Showers: Showers are available and come with personal amenities.

Summary: The PrimeClass Lounge Istanbul Atatürk Airport (IST) gets high marks for it’s nicely laid out open concept, attentive “behind the scenes” staff and abundance of food for this type of lounge. We’re told that the Turkish Airlines lounge might have a better offering for international travelers, but this one is certainly a cut above other, more publicly accessible lounges here.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5).

How to get in: The lounge can  be utilized by members of Priority Pass - 10% Off. You can also buy a pass in advance at the PrimeClass website and pair it with VIP arrival and departure options for an additional cost.

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