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On May 23, 2014
Last modified:May 23, 2014


The Room: At some point the room known as a “Corner King” became an “Executive 1BR Corner King”. Someone at Renaissance saw the value in a corner unit and that’s got an extra TV and some separation between the bed and living areas. There is a ton of value in it when you’re traveling with someone who doesn’t want to stay up as late as you do. Your insomnia can be satisfied with it’s own TV, workspace and loveseat while your partner can shut the door and fall asleep to the hum of the busy interstate below.


The sofa seems a little lonely but it’s placed nicely for TV viewing…or just sitting around.

That traffic is the problem most have with this hotel. It’s placement right next to a busy interstate can be a deterrent but in our room on a relatievly high floor the noise was reduced to a constant hum thanks to the thick soundproof windows. Requesting a room that’s higher up or on the other side of the hotel might help reduce the noise further if you’re a light sleeper. Washroom: There’s nothing “suite”-like about the washroom but it’s not a bad one. Spread out while you get ready utilizing the good counterspace around the sink after hopping out of the very standard shower/tub combo. The most luxurious touch here is the collection of Aveda amenities. Amenities: Those Aveda Rosemary Mint amenities are accompanied by a small bottle of mouthwash in a similar looking bottle to match the Aveda motif. It’s not rosemary mint flavored, but we kind of wish it had been. Service: The lovely woman at the front desk was so pleasant that it was hard not to think of her as an old friend welcoming us home.  She got us checked in quickly, gave us a brief overview of the hotel’s features and sent us on our way. The friendliness continued with room service and valet staff. Small talk is easily overlooked but our room service guy was a master at it…and he brought us food so that helps. We used self-park for our rental car but if you need help finding your way around the busy downtown area, they’re knowledgeable and helpful with directions.

AV Ports

A/V friendly ports for gaming or power-pointing.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: The upgrade to this corner unit doesn come with free Wi-fi. Surfing comes in 2 speeds the most basic level package comes in a little slower with e-mail and the most basic web functions. The more expensive package allows for YouTubing and video conferencing. Overall: If you can avoid the speedway half of the hotel or get high enough that the light traffic vibrations are less of a nuisance, the Renaissance Seattle Hotel comes in as a reasonable choice for a long weekend. This clean comfortable corner unit has everything you’ll need from separate living space and a good place to get work done to a separate bedroom with it’s own TV and soundproof windows. The lack of complimentary wi-fi in a room that would otherwise be pretty business friendly, is a letdown. For longer business trips there may be more acceptable alternatives. Otherwise enjoy the friendly service, cozy room and view of the highway.

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