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Video | Sun Country First Class 737-800 Seat 1C

Jake Redman August 11, 2014 2

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On August 11, 2014
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Airline: Sun Country Airlines
Aircraft: 737-800
Seat maps: SeatGuru (w/forward coat closet)
Seat Info: Row 1, Seat C
Class: First Class

Seat(s): Depending on the plane you get  your seat will either be black or blue leather, both with good width and recline but the blue seats appear to be a little newer. The later also is found inside a fresher, cleaner cabin. Most of the Sun Country First Class cabins we’ve been in with the darker seats are a bit run down.

There’s really nothing fancy about either seat, but on planes with the black seats, you’ll get more legroom here in seat 1C and it’s window neighbor 1A. Beware of the seats directly accross the aisle though, the galley extends into your legroom in seats 1D and 1F.

Legroom in 1C.
But wait. Legroom in 1C on this version of Sun Country’s 737-800.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: It’ll be a hot February day in Minnesota before Sun Country gets wi-fi, but they do have a pretty solid entertainment option in their DigiE players. Touch-screen units are handed out for free to first class passengers and are loaded with recent movies, TV shows and features. It’s even got a handful of basic games in case you’re bored with what’s on your smartphone.

Food:  Some meals are better than others, but we’ve never been in Sun Country First Class and not gotten one. On these two flights we got a simple turkey sandwich on a pretzel roll on our 9pm outbound and chicken marsala on our dinnertime return. The chicken was just okay but better than our entree aboard a United transcon flight the week before.

All meals are preceeded by a cheese snack. It’s a small wheel of Babybel cheese and 2 types of cracker. A packet of Club brand saltines and another of what I think is the cardboardiest “food” item ever, RyKrisp. You might as well spread the cheese on your safety instruction card.

Personal TV
Sun Country’s DigiE player is loaded with movies and TV to distract you from no wi-fi.

Service: Sun Country is normally very consistent with their warm service up front and these two flights didn’t disrupt the norm, much. There was one flight attendant that could have used a gift card to his local laundromat and wasn’t quite as personable as the others, but not unfriendly. Our return had pretty stellar and experienced crew.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5).

Route Flown for this review: New York (JFK) – Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) – New York (JFK)

How we got em’:  Space-available upgrades are offered for a discounted price 24 hours prior to the flight and can purchased when you check in online, at the counter or on-board. Purchasing a first class ticket outright with Sun Country is also considerably cheaper than other airlines in most cases so if you’re looking for a guaranteed seat up-front, this is the way to go.

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