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Video | Swissport Lounge – Chicago ORD

Jake Redman April 21, 2014

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On April 21, 2014
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Seating: There’s an impressive attempt to separate the seating areas in this small lounge. Kudos, Swissport. Booths, benches, loungers with those tiny table/desk things built in and cafe seating combine to make this a tiny club fit for all types of loungers.

Lounge: Swissport Lounge
Where: Chicago O’Hare (ORD) – International Terminal 5

While seats are separated nicely into different groups, there are no walls or dividers that would otherwise provide more seclusion. In this lounge, you’re out in the open wherever you are.


Swissport Lounge Food at ORD.
If you’re eating healthy this store-brand bag quality salad mix is one of very few options for eats. – Food at Swissport Lounge ORD

Food/Drink: Hope your flight’s got a hearty in-flight menu. This Swissport Lounge is the pits when it comes to airport eats, serving up the kind of snack foods that don’t make up for a meal but and never quite seems like enough. The heartiest offering on our visit was a mystery soup and school cafeteria quality salad greens. Simply put, the food offerings are about what you’d expect from a US domestic lounge.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Free but often slow and choppy enough to wonder if it’s just a stolen signal from the terminal. It might be that we were just in a bad spot but keep your mobile hot-spot handy.

Service: The nice woman at the front desk was helpful and offered a brief introduction to the club. There wasn’t much to say about it but we  appreciated the extra effort…even if she was just bored. 

No dialup notice at Swissport Lounge - ORD
Dang! What will I do with my 1000 free hours of AOL? – Power/Comm in cubicles.

Showers: Showers are nowhere to be found in this lounge. All the shower money appears to have gone into the heated toilets with builtin bidets.

Summary: There’s nothing to love about the Swissport Lounge at ORD but if it’s as empty as it was on this visit you’ll have a nice spot for peace and quiet. Terminal 5 at Chicago O’Hare isn’t a terribly exciting place to be so this is at least an improvement but if you’ve got access to another lounge nearby, it might be worth it to walk right by.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5).

How to get in: LOT Polish seems to take the most ownership of this lounge but is shared with other airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific (which makes us wonder why it’s not a much better lounge). Business Class or above on partner airlines should get you in.

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