Airbus A319

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On October 29, 2012
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Airline: Virgin America
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Row:  1   Seat: D
Class: First


Winglet - Virgin America A319

These colors fly proudly on the wings of a French plane. USA winglets – Virgin America A319.

The Seat:  White leather and warm purple glow welcomes you aboard this ultra-hip Virgin America A319 cabin.  If you lack appreciation for the mod, zen -chic atmosphere then wide first class seats loaded with features might win you over. Width is king here as you’ve got some extra hip-space, typically an inch or more than on comparable aircraft. The recline isn’t full but is pretty generous and you can use the intuitive seat-back controls to position the leg-rest for kicking back and watching the mood lighting change colors. A generous console also creates plenty of space from your neighbor. 
If you’re lucky the massage feature will work with your seat. Mine did not. Regardless, this seat serves up a happiness you won’t find on a regional jet or anyone else’s A319.

That I even got a galley-prepared snack on a sub one-hour flight was nothing short of miraculous. My eyes lit up like those of a kid from the 50’s getting a Lionel train set at Christmas I was so surprised…and hungry. A small sampling of cheeses, hummus and a few other semi-healthy items was followed by a fancy snack-basket service. Good show Virgin America. Hot coffee was waiting for me the very moment I stepped on the airplane…and it was GOOD.
Cheese and Hummus Snack - First Class

Silly flight attendant, this is a domestic flight. You only need to bring me Biscoff Cookies and weak coffee. Deluxe snack aboard 1 hour Virgin America flight.

Summary: Simply, this seat serves up a happiness you won’t find on a regional jet or anyone else’s A319.  If you have the opportunity to fly Virgin America and score the upgrade it will be tough to go back to economy…or another airlines domestic first class product.

Service: To be fair, our flight attendant was only dealing with 2 people in first class on this short hop but his mastery of the cabin was impressive. Not only that but once he made sure that the we were okay up front he was free to help in the main cabin now and then so I imagine things weren’t so bad in economy either.

Rating: 5 hops (of 5)

Strategy:  Space available upgrades are offered at check-in. Best bet is online.