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Watch | Amtrak Northeast Regional in Coach

Jake Redman July 4, 2013 2

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When it comes to seats, modhop.com is all about upgrades to more-legroom in economy, business class or first class. So when we can’t score the upgrade we break out the coach cam and put the review on our YouTube channel. Watch our review of this slightly quieter than normal coach seat aboard an Amtrack Northeast Regional train between NYC and DC…

From our YouTube Channel:

Legroom in coach aboard Amtrak NE Regional
Coach legroom that would make airline executives vomit with anxiety. – Coach seat aboard Amtrak NE Regional Train.

Seats aboard this Amtrak NE regional train are admittedly pretty comfortable. We might even prefer these to the business class seats (not first class) aboard the slightly faster Acela Express. Legroom and seat width are very reasonable when compared to most domestic first class aboard US carriers and grandiose when compared to European business class. Legroom and width don’t make the train “classier” but it allows you to plug in your laptop without elbowing your neighbor in the ribs.

That’s right. You can plug in your laptop.

As shown in the video you can plug in your laptop, tablet or anything with a standard plug and surf away thanks to Amtrak’s complimentary wi-fi. The plug is along the window so it might be a bit awkward for an aisle seat passenger with a short cord.

Yep. Complimentary wi-fi.

While it’s not the fastest, the internet comes at speeds that allow for maybe some audio streaming but not great for video or downloading big files. But for the price ($0), it’s just about right.

Panini from Cafe Car.
Just…don’t do it. – “Panini” from cafe car aboard Amtrak Northeast Regional

Beer wine and spirits are yours for a price and a shaky walk back to the cafe car. There you’ll also find snack items, sandwiches (if you want to call them that), and other “food” items. As I note in the video, we don’t recommend much other than light snacks and drinks. If you’re departing or arriving at Union Station in Washington, DC there are good options for food during normal business hours. Penn Station in NYC…not so much.

When considering a trip between Boston, New York, Philly, Baltimore, DC and other spots in the Northeast, Amtrak Northeast Regional service is at least worth a look. It might take a little longer to get to where you’re going, but you trade in frustrating security checks, bag restrictions and a lot of those little fees the airlines like to call “ancillary revenue”.

Northeast Regional service will save you a handful of dollars compared to the slightly faster Acela Express. You can see our full review of Acela Express First Class at modhop.





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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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  1. www.Fishing4Deals.com on July 4, 2013

    The train has a big advantage in that it departs and arrives from downtown. When i used to travel for business between Washington and New York, I gave up on the shuttle after spending too many afternoons sitting on the tarmac waiting for a thunderstorm to pass

    • modhop on July 8, 2013

      Agreed. For me, cheaper cab rides (or just taking the subway) and less time waiting for low cloud ceilings at LaGuardia is a good thing.

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