Preparing to share the Modhop Travel Cave with an infant naturally comes with some purging. What we found in the process was that we have lots of airline stuff that baby will eventually just want to eat if we don’t get rid of it now.

US Airways Envoy

The US Airways Envoy Kit circa 2012.

These days we try to give away the airline amenity kits we review, but back in 2012 we simply hadn’t thought to yet. So here’s your shot at what was our very FIRST amenity unBOX, a US Airways Envoy Amenity Kit. Note that this is NOT the current kit used on US Airways flight. At the time we launch this contest, the airline is using the kit we unBOX’d more recently.

[expires off=”2015-01-13″]For official rules and to enter, go to[/expires] [showafter on=”2015-01-13″]This contest has ended. Look for another modhop contest soon![/showafter]

The case: This flimsy clear case might have flown better in 2012 but is simply a hard plastic ziploc bag that can’t even lock in freshness.

3M-arvelous: It’s the only thing in the kit we’d still want to use at this point. 3M’s earplugs are usually better than flimsier bulk-discount plugs some airlines try to get away with.

Collector?: With the US Airways/American Airlines merger comes the eventual disappearance of the US Aiways brand. The logo-marked contents can be great items to have in your collection of airline memorabilia.

Here’s the official unBOX we did in 2012. It’s a bit longer than the reviews we did after we came to realize that a dissertation on the value of a travel toothbrush isn’t really necessary.

Enter by Tuesday January 13, 2015.

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