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We’re unzipping and giving away a freshly retired Qantas Jack Spade men’s Business Class amenity kit. The airline has introduced new kits since this one so we’ll call it a “vintage” kit that’s up for grabs.

[expires off=”2015-02-20″]Enter by February 20, 2015. For official rules and to enter, go to http://woobox.com/riiu96[/expires] [showafter on=”2015-02-20″]This contest has ended. Look for another modhop contest soon![/showafter]
Qantas Amenity Kit

Qantas gets fancy brand names for their amenity kits. In this now retired kit the Jack Spade case comes with goods from Malin and Goetz.

The case: Tres basic but way cool. Just the Jack Spade tag makes it man-bag toiletry material. There are no pockets inside but you’re so minimalist all you need room for are gum and evian spray once you’ve used all the goods inside.

Replacement Plugs: We’re replacing the Leight earplugs with replacements. The originals went missing after we recorded the unBOX.

Malin + Goetz: The newer kits, although still Kate & Jack Spade bags, went with a different brand of toiletries. We were plenty happy with the Malin + Goetz goodies inside this one.

Here’s the recent unBOX video. This is the same kit that we’re giving away so as you’ll see that it’s gently pre-handled. Also, earplugs have been replaced with new, individually wrapped ones.

Enter by Friday, February 20, 2015.

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