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YouTube | Courtyard Marriott Warsaw Airport Hotel

Jake Redman September 11, 2014

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TV and workspace.
Combo! It’s a workspace/TV onsie.

The Room: Don’t look for “wow!” at WAW.  It’s a basic room to begin with so expectations weren’t high so while there was no chaise lounge, rainfall shower or chandaliere’d dining area, there’s one perk that makes this a worth while in-between flight nap spot.

A Bed.

Ours was nothing special other than that it was reasonably new (we looked) and a lot more comfotable than slumping over chair in the lounge. Even if you don’t find the bed that comfortable, the mini-bar has enough hard-booze stock to make the floor feel like a cloud of goose down.

Washroom: Agian, keep expectations low. You’ll find just a basic shower/tub combo, a small sink area and low-end amenities. Save the spa bath for your next stop.

Amenities: The basics are average. Shampoo leaves your hair feeling a little waxy but it’s not as low-grade as you might find in a similar-grade hotel. Nothing worth stealing here.

It might be easy to sleep through your departure time. Be careful with the minibar.

Service: The front desk rep was very helpful and became friendlier as she checked me in. By the time it was time to head up to the room I felt pretty Hollywood…but this is not Hollywood.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Wi-fi comes at a charge and isn’t worth it for stays as short as this one. Included T-mobile international roaming did us well on this trip.

Overall:  Sleep. If that’s what you’re in it for, this is your spot. Rooms are perhaps a little dated but our room at Courtyard Marriott Warsaw Airport relatively clean and are great for a night or even just a few hours.

How’d we book? A new site we found: Between 9 and 5, which turned out to be a great resource for finding quick nap spots near airports.

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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