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Delta Sky Club – New York LaGuardia (LGA) Terminal D

Jake Redman September 3, 2012 1

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Review of: Delta Sky Club
New York LaGuardia - LGA

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On September 3, 2012
Last modified:September 3, 2012


Airline/Club Name:Delta SKY Club
Location:LGA (New York. LaGuardia)
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal D (Airside) left after security, located just before gates.

Snacks at Delta Sky Club
Dr. Atkins would explode. Pails full of carbs at the Delta Sky Club inside New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA).

Notes: One thing you’ll find here that came with the 2011 remodel of this lounge is a better selection of places to sit. But chairs need some space, so walls had to come out so they could cram more people in (I’m sure Delta would use the language “to better accommodate our customers”…or something like that.).  The result is a wide open room more communal in nature and lacks the more private areas and quiet spaces you’d find in the former version of this lounge. Food and drink is consistent with newer Delta lounges with a variety of snack mixes and an assortment of veggies/crackers/dips.


Service:There were plenty of agents working the front desk for speedy check-in and help with flights. Bar service was friendly and clean-up was speedy. Above average throughout.

Convenience to gate: This isn’t a large terminal, so even getting to the farthest gate from this lounge shouldn’t take more than 1-3 minutes.

Summary: In my review of the pre-remodeled version of this Delta SkyClub I said that I was “pleasantly surprised” by the layout and food options. Many months and a fancy renovation later, I’m pulling back on my love for this space. The removal of some walls here creates fewer quiet spaces to relax and really subtracts from what little exclusivity we think an airport lounge should provide.

How I got in/Strategy: Whenever I have a cluster of trips on Delta with family or friends over a 30 day period, I purchase their 30 Day pass for $90 (9/1/2012). This is a great option if you use it for at least 4 individual visits over the 30 days or are travelling with friends or family as guests are permitted under the same rules as a full membership.   Delta branded American Express cards are good for a single visit along with a $25 co-pay, a good option if you don’t make frequent use of Delta’s lounges.
Rating: 3 hops (of 5)


Previous video review of this club (Original publication date 9/12/2009):

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