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3 Keys to Planning an Outdoorsy Family Trip

Contributing Author June 16, 2022

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With so much tech out there, the idea of spending time together seems to involve sitting together while using phones and tablets instead of good old-fashioned chatting. And with every family member having a busy individual schedule, it’s easy to lose touch with each other. If you’ve noticed this phenomenon in your fam recently, it might be time to plan a trip to the outdoors that would get everyone off their devices and focus on family time. And with family travel expected to go up by 25% this year, now is the opportunity to plan the ideal trip. Here are 3 tips to get started…

People camping by the river
Camping? Sure, why not. Just be prepared.

  • Research and planning


Tech may have cut down on time families spend together, but it is useful when researching and finding information about your impending trip. With the internet, you can research your next family vacation. Since you will be planning for a nature trip, you can research what type of activities your family can do when you are away, as well as where you will be staying. Use well-tested resources like TripAdvisor to see what other travelers have to say about your destination or visit a destinations website (national parks anyone?) to help you make a more informed decision. Researching will help you create a solid itinerary and make planning easier. Plus, you’ll have a better idea what items you would need to carry with you on your trip. 

For example, if you plan on hiking or going camping as part of the group activities, you can prepare a list of essentials you might need. Companies like TourTheOutdoors have a wide range of products to make your nature trips more enjoyable, so keep this in mind. 

  • Keep your kids involved


When planning a family nature trip, don’t forget to include your children in the planning process. Allowing them to include activities they would like to try will make them feel valued and more willing to engage in group activities. Make sure that you answer any questions that they might have and be open to listening to their suggestions. 


a man and child taking a selfie
Even Jake get the kids outside once and awhile.

It’s also important to encourage them throughout the process, especially when they have doubts about their skills. For instance, you can tell them they are good hikers, campers, or swimmers and that their skills will stand out outdoors. You can also encourage them to bring their favorite toys and games to keep them occupied during those off moments. 

  • Don’t forget your travel documentation


If you are planning a trip outside of your country, you’ll have to be sure that any travel documentation is up to date and valid. That means ensuring that your entire family’s passports are in order and checking to see if there are any visa requirements for your destination. Before setting off, you must also check to see if you need any immunizations. It may also be a good idea to take out a travel insurance policy to cover any medical issues or emergencies that might occur while you are away. 


Planning the perfect outdoor vacation with your family takes a lot of time. But with these tips, you will have a much smoother process and arrive at your destination prepared to see what nature has to offer.


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