Get ready to hear Anthony get SO bored, he forgets there’s a podcast happening. I maintain that he was missing out because there’s news about #PumpRules star Brittany Taylor getting into a sticky situation aboard a Delta flight and I relay the news about a possible food discount for United Premier members. Plus, we lay out our own possible travel plans for 2019. Listen:

Show Links

  • Too late now to get over the hump for 2019 status but check out how USA Todays Ben Mutzabaugh did it.
  • United wants it’s favorite customers to eat-up at Newark…on them!
  • I mean, who would pick on Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Taylor…I mean besides Jax? She gets into a tiff aboard a recent Delta flight.
  • Need a Kilt? Go to Seattle.
  • Happy New Year from the Anthony Translator:
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