It’s a bonus when the backdrop to your nerdy fascination with commercial aircraft is beautiful Swiss countryside. The scenic views combine with fairly decent amenities and good selection of lounges making Zurich Airport a happy place for a long layover.

Singapore A380 at ZRH

Another Singapore A380 spotting. One day we’ll catch it. – A380 at Zurich Airport.

A couple of longer stops at Zurich airport have us eyeballing connection options here on future flights. The big-windowed waiting areas and food options make sure you’re not just wandering around with a dried ham and cheese baguette staring out at nothing but runway and regional jets.

Food comes from whatever cute Swiss-looking airport cafe you can find, or there’s a Burger King (we won’t judge). There’s enough here to find a decent pre-flight snack so long as you’re looking near the “A” Gates. Options are fewer and far-between in other areas.

If you’ve got time to kill there are a few common seating areas near large windows for staring out of. The seats aren’t always sexy but power ports are conveniently placed next to some of them, a nice perk. Here’s a look:

If you’re flying into Zurich from a faraway place, you might want to rinse off the airplane stench using a shower  inside the Swiss Airlines arrivals or another lounge. The Swiss arrivals lounge at ZRH is pre-security though so if you’re not staying in Zurich, You’ll have to get back through security. Here’s our video review:

Other lounge reviews from ZRH are coming soon because I don’t think we can stay away from this airport for too long. It’s just too dreamy.

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