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Video | Delta Airbus A320 Exit Row 11

Jake Redman August 26, 2013

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On August 26, 2013
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Airline: Delta
Aircraft:Airbus A320
Seat info: Exit Row 11 – Seat 11D

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Exit Seating aboard a Delta A320.
Don’t call em Delta Airways, they hate that. – Exit Row Seating aboard an A320.

The Seat:  We’ve explored a lot of Delta Airbus A320 seating but this is the first time in an exit row. Every seat in row 11 comes with extra legroom, unnaturally blue leather and precious, precious recline. What’s better is that the tray table is attached to the seat in front of you and not in the armrest eating up your seat width. You’ve also got an adjustable armrest for spreading out into your middle-seatmate’s space. Hellloooo neighbor.

The seats still have that old Northwest Airlines feel thanks to the deep cushioning under the newer Delta leather. We’re happy to be done with the now long-gone odor-holding cloth seats.

If row 11 is full and you’re considering something in row 10, you”ll get all the same features but without the recline. (Here’s where we say “no” and pony up for economy comfort…or hope like heck for an elite upgrade).

Delta airlines food options "EATS".
You’ll have to bring your easy bake oven if you want something hot. – Delta’s EATS menu.

Service: Nothing stood out on our fairly-full Delta A320 coach adventure. Smiles came with the beverage and cash-for-snack service on this flight, but nothing worth celebrating.

Food/Drink: Delta’s EATS menu was available on this flight. Offered on longer domestic flights, the menu shows lunch and breakfast options for a fee. We’re happy to see something offered on longer flights like this.
Connectivity/Wi-Fi: GoGo in-flight wi-fi is offered on board. Plans go from affordable short term plans to more costly monthly plans. The internet will have to be your best buddy on this flight though, no other form of entertainment happens after the live safety demo.

Summary: Anything in row 11 gives you extra legroom and standard seat width. If you’re looking for a little extra space and are at even the lowest level of elite status, you’ll have access to exit row seats aboard this Delta A320. If they’re still available at check-in, these seats should be available for less-frequent fliers too.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5)


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