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Jake Redman June 6, 2011 5

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On June 6, 2011
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Hotel Name:  Soori Bali (formerly Alila Villas Soori)
Location: Western Bali, Indonesia
Stars: 5

Alila Villas Soori
Entrance to the beautiful Soori Bali (formerly Alila Villas Soori).

The Room(s): The Ocean Pool Villa  was by far the best choice for us, a couple looking for something far off the beaten path surrounded by the luxuries that elude our day to day lives. This isn’t particularly difficult for grizzled New Yorkers like my wife and I, but this was far above and beyond our expectations. Our favorite wasn’t as much the room as the outdoor pavilion where we ate meals, relaxed and did just about nothing. The infinity plunge pool lies just next to the pavilion for a quick dip and is easily accessible directly from the room or outside. Inside, you’ll find well balanced spaces with inspiring views and luxurious amenities. Your bed faces the ocean, making it a perfect spot for breakfast (or just staring) and features quality linens and a comfortable sleeping surface. Your living/work area is spacious with equal attention given to relaxation and work space. The large, flat panel TV is attached to an Apple TV unit and has a good number of movies and music selections to choose from, but no satellite TV or broadcast channels that we could find. There is also a second television in the bedroom area (not shown in video). The washroom is truly deluxe with a large, deep bath featuring a window that looks into an alcove of the plunge pool and onto the ocean without sacrificing much in the way of  privacy. Fully separated by the shower/toilet area are vanity areas each supplied with amenities specific to “him” and “her” (I”m a fan of the men’s “volcanic” soap).  A large walk-in shower lies right behind the vanity area and an exit to the outdoor waterfall-style shower is just beyond. There is also a large closet and bin area opposite the bath with plenty of storage for clothing and luggage and your in-villa safe.

Service: Unbelievable. We may have had to wait more than 3 minutes for a bucket of ice at one point, but we would really have to stretch to find any fault with our in-room service. With 24 hour attendant service You’ll find it easy to get just about anything you need at any time of day or night. Our repeated requests for ice and tonic water were met with a smile each time…and believe me, the requests were frequent. We took a special liking to Dana (Dah-nah) who was very gracious and professional during our stay. The only service-related issue was at the very beginning of our stay at one of the restaurants. There was a storm rolling in so it was recommended that we eat indoors where we found ourselves eating our meal with a steady stream of mosquitoes. Here, the staff was slow to offer a solution so we found our best option was to eat fast and retire to our villa. A brief annoyance, nothing more. We had excellent service during our entire stay, but it was after we left when the staff really shined. I had foolishly forgotten our passports in the villa’s safe (a big mistake when you don’t realize it until arriving at Bali’s airport almost 2 hours away). Luckily for us, the resort keeps an attendant at Bali Denpesar (airport) who helped us with alternate flight plans so that we could make our connecting flight in Singapore later that night. The mistake cost us, but I’m confident that he saved us hundreds of dollars. The passports were driven to us separately thanks to other departing guests who happened to be leaving shortly after I realized my mistake. A little luck and a LOT of help from our driver and the resorts staff truly saved us from a ton of agony that would have left an indelible stain on an otherwise amazing visit to Bali. Instead, we have a slightly humorous story and great memories.

Perks: Almost too numerous to mention. 24 hour on-call service with a smile, luxurious surroundings, stunning views…a seemingly endless list. One nice touch was a parting gift from the resort. On our final night we were given a small box containing a Balinese crafted sandalwood fan and a pair of attractive leather tags for our luggage.

Location: This is the resorts biggest fault and it’s most alluring feature. Well separated from anything resembling western nightlife or shopping, it’s not ideal for mega thrill-seekers or shopaholics. However, it’s location blends nicely into surrounding Balinese villages giving it a unique opportunity to offer packages that incorporate local culture. From foodie adventures and cooking classes (featuring trips to local markets) to horseback riding provided by local stables and tours of local rice fields. The resort is also located near Tanah Lot Temple, one of Bali’s most sacred.

Lobby: An open air lobby is where you’ll be met by the resort staff upon your arrival. Hot towels and drinks are provided and your baggage is magically whisked away by hotel staff and brought to your villa. A calm, shaded area with stunning views of the resort and ocean with plenty of seating perfect for meeting up with other guests.

Overall: Soori Bali’s seclusion from busy tourist areas and it’s impeccable service makes up for any convenience lost. For this reason, I’m happy to give it our highest rating.

Rating: 5 Hops (out of 5)

The Deal-How I got it: Jetsetter offered off-peak specials of roughly $390 to $410 per night. It’s important to point out that this is a true luxury getaway, so prices reflect that even with sale prices. In simpler terms, this isn’t a Sandals (No disrespect, Sandals).  This would be an ideal stop on a greater honeymoon itinerary or maybe a luxurious way to clear your head for a week…or more.

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  1. Jake Redman on July 25, 2011

    The weather wasn’t perfect for the video, but it really is a nice resort. Had great time relaxing here and at the far less polished, but equally friendly Kajane Resort in Ubud.

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