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On March 2, 2015
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Lounge: American Admirals Club (former US Airways)
 New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA)  – Terminal C

Seating: Unlike the variety you’ll find inside the other American Airlines Admirals Club inside the central “A” Terminal at LaGuardia Airport, the seating inside this former US Airways Club is very, well…US Airways.

American Airlines Admirals Club at LaGuardia Airport

Because anything but grey on grey would startle a New Yorker. Comfy but dull lounge chair at C Terminal Admirals Club.

Simple grey loungers with attached tray tables are lined up in groups of four along the large apron-facing window. Although grouped, no seat is without something to separate it from the next. A small table or support will give you some breathing room during your visit, something New Yorker’s seldom get and love when they do.

Some café and limited bar style seating is available if you’re looking for more of a near foodless bar & grill vibe. An instant-oatmeal breakfast with a mimosa sounds like a good day-starter, no?

See more pictures from this lounge tomorrow on Modhop.

Food/Drink: All that was offered during our morning visit was a selection of bagels and packets of instant oatmeal. At the time of our review the transition to a merged American Airlines/US Airways lounge menu had just begun.

American Airlines Admirals Club at LaGuardia Airport

It’s the best we could find for breakfast inside the then US Airways Club.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Wi-fi is free and snappy.

Service: A very friendly agent checked us in and welcomed us with a smile. The lounge wasn’t anywhere near full so it wasn’t much of a test, but in-lounge staff kept the tiny buffet stocked and seating areas tidy.

Showers: Unlike the central terminal Admirals Club, this one doesn’t have showers. Not a surprise for a lounge this size.

Summary: This American Admirals Club isn’t all that inspiring but it’s got most of  the basics. With the menu evolving we’ll go easy on the lacking food but seats are plenty comfortable and are nicely spaced for space and relative privacy. The winners here are the service and big windows that give this otherwise dull space some much-needed light.

Rating: 3 hops of 5.

How to get in: It’ll take an American Airlines Admirals Club membership or 50 bucks for a day pass. The $50 pass might better spent at the larger, more colorful and amenity-positive Admirals Club inside the Central Terminal at LaGuardia Airport.

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