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Video | Amtrak Club Acela Lounge – New York Penn (NYP)

Jake Redman April 16, 2012 1

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New York Penn Station (NYP)

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On April 16, 2012
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Airline/Club Name: Amtrak Club Acela Lounge
Location: NYP – New York Penn Station
Terminal/Concourse: 8th Ave Entrance. New York, NY

ClubAcela New York Penn Kitchen
A nice spot to sit and enjoy your complimentary warm soda and bag of chips.

Notes: The Amtrak Club Acela Lounge at New York Penn Station is dark, a bit worn and offers little in the way of snacks or refreshment. What it does have is reasonably comfortable chairs and wi-fi. With just that You’re upwards of 90-something percent better off than being stuck waiting around the hoards of commuters shuffling between Amtrak, Subways and regional rail in the main areas of the station. Well, except for the food part.

The lounge does provide a cup of coffee and (maybe) a wrapped danish. It’s enough to get you started before digging in to get some work or pre-ride tweeting done.

Wi-Fi: Yes/Complimentary.

Service: Service is good if you’re ready to go. Maybe it was the slightly less than business-casual attire, but the front desk didn’t seem to believe that I was traveling in first class. While fishing for my ticket, I was grilled with questions like “Are you SURE You’re in Acela First and not Business?!”. Things got much friendlier when I found the ticket.

Convenience to gate: All tracks are just outside the lounge.

How I got in/Strategies: Access is available to Amtrak Select Plus Guest Rewards members, active United Club members or passengers with same-day business class air ticket aboard United. Amtrak passengers with same-day Acela First or sleeping car tickets are also admitted. One day passes are also available at any Acela Lounge.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5)

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