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“The Bridge” Might be our Favorite Hong Kong Lounge. Here’s why.

Jake Redman April 11, 2016 7

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Lounge: Cathay Pacific Business Class “The Bridge”
Where: Hong Kong (HKG) Terminal 1

We Love Nice Chairs.

Cathay Pacific has a way of winning us over with a variety of seating and it’s no different at “The Bridge”. Deep loungers and some oddly-shaped but cozy chairs arranged inside nicely separated living areas make for a relaxing Hong Kong Lounge experience.

Hong Kong Lounge "The Bridge" seating
Much of the seating inside “The Bridge” lounge at HKG comes with a view.

Seating in “The Bakery”, (Cathay’s food offering inside the lounge) is less than luxurious. Small stools meet communal tables, great for meeting new people and being close to seconds but not great for the anti-social or claustrophobic. Luckily for those who’d rather chow-down in something more cushy, you can grab what you need and trek to any part of the lounge you want.

Best Biz Lounge Food at HKG?

We were impressed with what we’d consider a better than business class spread inside “The Bakery”. More than a few hot items were on offer from full entrees to dim sum. Piled on top of a decent array of snacks both here and near the long bar, ours was a great dining & snacking experience. If you’ve made your way to the other (showers/IT zone/coffe bar) side of the lounge there’s a modest but still above average selection.

Cathay Bridge Hong Kong Lounge Food
Food selection at “The Bakery” inside Cathay Pacific’s “The Bridge” Lounge is more robust than in similar lounges.


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Mostly Good for Tech

There are a few spots where finding a place to plug in your gear is difficult but we’ve seen far worse. As long as you’re charged-up there’s no problem in firing up speedy wi-fi.

The IT zone gets you connected to the world via web connected big screen Macs. If you brought your own device and need somewhere to spread out, semi-private work spaces are here too.


They Were Super Nice to us.

Every Hong Kong Lounge we’ve reviewed has been better than average in overall service and The Bridge is no different. Welcomed by a greeter who walked us a few steps to the check-in counter was just the beginning. Inside staff including (but not limited to) bar, food and shower attendants were professional, friendly and super classy.

Get Yourself Together.

For cleaning up you’ll be shuffled into a good-sized and nicely appointed shower room. There are no extras here and the amenities aren’t yours to keep, but everything you’ll need to refresh before hopping on your next flight is here… The Jurlique soap and lotions are apparently much fancier than an infomercial brand (as thought in the video review).

Summary: It’s a bit of an awkward walk from one side to the other if you plan on using both sides of “The Bridge”. Regardless, this is likely our favorite Hong Kong Lounge to date. Cathay Pacific’s standard business lounge features combined with some elevated food offerings,  a great variety of nicely sectioned seating and outstanding service make this a fantastic between-flight time killer.

How to get in: If you’re flying in Cathay Pacific Business Class, you’ve got access. First Class passengers can enter the adjacent, much fancier lounge but can hang here too. Cathay also welcomes “selected Marco Polo Club members and oneworld frequent flyers”.


Looking for a different Hong Kong Lounge video? See our Lounge Review section for more.

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Jake Redman

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  1. Mike on April 11, 2016

    Do your work instead of fudging! Jurlique is a PREMIUM Australian brand of products sought for, all around the world.

  2. Mike on April 12, 2016

    I don’t work for the company, but if you’re going to make a statement which is flippant and unresearched it begs to question the accuracy of all the other parts to your story. Lazy! I stand by that.

      • Tanner on April 18, 2016

        To be honest, I missed the days when the site was purely opinion based seat reviews. Seems to be straying away from that and I kinda’ like the opnion factor. Though I don’t know why Jake always refers to himself as ‘we’ come on you’re the only one flying -and doing the review. xD

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