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5 Things to Know Before Flying Cathay Pacific Business Class | Video

Jake Redman March 21, 2016

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Airline: Cathay Pacific
Aircraft: 777-300
Seat maps:  Cathay Pacific | SeatGuru
Our Seat(s): 25K
Class: Cathay Pacific Business Class

Reverse Herringbone is Your Pal.

These seats aren’t as big and wide as what’s found in the airlines ultra-luxurious First Class suite but as you just watched in the video half of our Cathay Pacific Business Class review, it’s still a better than average ride. Width is just a little better than average for hips but the cutout for storage near the floor adds space for the knees when sleeping and added cushioning between the seat and armrest give you more room to move around.

Our Cathay Pacific Business Class review shows off the seat's custom features.
This isn’t the first Cathay Pacific Business Class review to praise the custom features of this commonly used seat design. Made by Zodiac Mfg. it’s got more elbow and knee room for sleeping than models used on other airlines.

You get plenty space for setting down your gear, but the side-counter can get in the way if you love to gaze outside as it’s in the way of the window. The console that houses your outlet, remote and other in-flight tech, however, is smartly designed to be out of the way so it’s easy to see straight out. Center-section seats are angled toward each other, creating a good distance from the top half of your neighbor. Great for solo travel when you don’t want to chat, not as great if you’re honeymooning.

Seats are comfortable in both upright and sleep positions and come with a very easy to understand controller. Just 3 simple buttons work to get you into the position you want to be in, from upright to fully-flat.

Nay-fi but there’s still plenty to do.

It’s almost all here. Cathay Pacific is in the early stages of putting wi-fi on their planes, so as of this review You’ll be web-free. Luckily the CX Studio entertainment system is still one of our favorites. You’ll get a solid selection of movies and TV programming from around the world plus usual goodies like games, a moving map and even an outside view camera.

Each seat has it’s own power port too, so if you’ve pre-loaded your own entertainment onto a device you can stay charged for the whole flight. There’s even an audio/video input that we’re guessing is supposed to transmit your personal content to the screen? We’ve never seen it in use but it appears you’d need the appropriate cables to make it work.


Modhoppies 2017 Food Nominee?

Our dinner was well prepared, nicely presented and tasty even well above the clouds where our taste buds become flavor-challenged. The pork spare rib signature Chinese dish was attractively placed and delicious next to broccoli and steamed jasmine rice on the side. The before and after was great too with fresh prawns to start and a well-stocked fruit and cheese trolley came through to finish things off.

Our Cathay Pacific Business Class Review shows off this Chinese Fried Pork Spare Rib Entree.
Good eats come with your Cathay Pacific Business Class seat. Main: Fried Pork Spare Ribs.

Pre-arrival breakfast wasn’t quite as spectacular as dinner but as far as in-flight eggs are concerned, wasn’t bad. Ours came in the form of spinach frittata and was served under Hollandaise sauce and next to pork sausage and potatoes. Better than the typical business class egg-loaf.

Here’s the full menu from our flight:

Safety Battles With Service.

Our crew was as pleasant as we’ve ever had on Cathay Pacific. They were stricter than normal about serving food when the seat belt sign was turned on (which was a lot on this flight) but we’re happy to be slightly inconvenienced for safetys sake. Despite the frequent stop and go meal service, everything was well orchestrated from boarding to breakfast.

Rating: 8.3 hops (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: Hong Kong (HKG) – New York (JFK)

How we got em’

We uses American Airlines Advantage Miles for this flight. Miles were earned mainly via an incredibly generous sign-up bonus for the American Citi Executive World Elite Mastercard.

Thanks for watching and reading our Cathay Pacific Business Class review!

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