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On December 14, 2010
Last modified:December 14, 2010


Airline: Delta
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400
Seat: 36A
Class: Economy


The Seat: [update: July 2013] Since our review this cabin has been re-fitted with new leather seats featuring personal entertainment systems. But as shown in this 747 Delta seating chart this particular seat remains situated in the same place although seat width may suffer (assuming that your personal TV and tray table are in the armrest.

[original review] 36A aboard this Delta 747  is rated as a premium seat on most seat-map sites like Being a skeptic, I was anxious to see how much space I would find between the seat and the exit row slide…You see, I’ve been burned before. In fact, the video seat reviews that we regularly obsess over were inspired by the time I found myself stuck in 19F on this Delta 757.   I was happy to find that  this seat was NOT close enough to the exit slide to be a nuisance, although it might be of slightly lesser value to someone much over 6′.  There’s a small gap between the exit slide and row 35 so if you can do so without bothering the person in 35B, You’ll have all the advantages of an aisle seat as well as a window seat. Speaking of the window, You’ll have to turn your head just slightly further to see outside but not difficult. Movies aren’t easy to view from this seat. There’s a projection screen on the bulkhead wall to your right that you can see at an angle, but it’s difficult to sit in that position for any amount of time. Until Delta makes improvements to the in-flight entertainment we recommend bringing your own entertainment.

Service: Meals were served and help was provided in a friendly and timely manner. Nothing more or less than I could have hoped for.

Notes: At the time of this post Delta has begun re-fitting these aircraft with new slimline seats that will provide slightly more legroom in economy the new design. The new seats will be upholstered in Delta’s signature blue leather and fitted with personal TV/Entertainment systems with movies, games, maps and audio. Until the installation is complete you’ll experience the older Northwest Airlines era cloth seats with limited audio and shared movies overhead.

Summary: It appears that row 35 in seats B,C,H & J are superior seats with added legroom and easy aisle access and might be a better first choice. That said, 36A is a very good economy seat and the room around it gives it sort of an exclusive feel (and by that we’re not implying it’s anything like being in Business Class). It should also be noted that this and it’s opposite, 36K are the only seats in this row with extra legroom so if you’re traveling with (and sitting next to) a companion, one of you will be in a normal economy seat.

Rating: 4  hops (of 5).

Strategy: Delta Medallion (elite) members have first access to these seats but they can be requested at the gate. If you’re not a medallion level member try getting to the gate early and requesting something in row 35 (Seats B, C, H or J only) , then 36A and/or K if those aren’t available. SkyTeam Elite members and elite members of other specific airlines (such as Alaska Airlines) also have first crack at these premium seats.

How I got it: Delta Medallion Status.

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