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The trend of building teams of well-known chefs to curuate your airline’s premium menus isn’t lost on Delta. The airline has been working on it for awhile, utilizing their partnership with Union Square Hospitality and it’s founder Danny Meyer (aka “The Shake Shack guy”). Beginning March 1, menus in Delta One (International Business Class) on select routes will feature items developed by Chef Carmen Quagliata of the group’s Union Square Cafe in New York City.

Delta One Menu gets a a boost with Beef Short Rib Stracotto.

Turbulence might do a number to the plating of this Delta One dish, but it looks nice here. Beef Short Rib Stracotto. [Photo: Delta]

New Delta One menus will feature “Italian inspired” dishes developed by Chef Qagliata. Union Square Cafe worked with the airline to get meats and produce sourced by the same farmers they use to supply the restaurant. It should be interesting to see how the sourcing of ingredients helps to ensure an experience that’s consistent with what you’d find at Union Square Cafe.


Some sample items from the new Delta One menu:

Starter: Fingerling Potato Soup – Mountain Sweet Berry Farms ramps

Starter: Chef Carmen’s Sliced Cara Cara Oranges – Fennel vinaigrette, pine nuts, mint and ricotta slata

Main: Union Square Cafe’s Classic Roasted Chicken Breast – Parmigiano-sage bread pudding, carrots and cipollini onions

Main: Baked Paccheri – Basil cream, parmigiano-reggiano and Greenmarket spring vegetables

Dessert: Meyer Lemon Cheesecake – Fennel shortbread and grapefruit

But we’re too lazy to type it all, so here’s a full menu example from Delta One:

The actual (non-flying) Union Square Cafe is currently moving from it’s original location on 16th St. to nearby 19th street. Technically, it’s a little further from Union Square itself but close enough. One of the beautiful things about being New York based is that we can drop in for the terrestrial experience before sampling in Delta One. When the new location opens, we hope to report back with a sample.


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