Airline: Delta
Aircraft: 767-300ER (76G)
Seat maps:  Not Available
Seat Info: 6D
Class: Delta One (Transcon) Business Class

The Right Delta One Seats.

The seats here look nice but normally, I’d choose one that’s got better separation from the aisle. The reasons are fairly simple: I like staring out of the window and I have personal space issues. Aboard the 767-300 though, I prefer the opposite…at least if I want to sleep.

Room to move in Delta One seats

Detla One seats are reasonably spacious suites but less stuffy if your console is on the window-side. There’s no window here in 6D so … not a problem.

The console for this seat is big and when on the aisle, leaves very little room to get in and out. Worse, it creates (and I can’t believe I’m saying it) TOO MUCH separation from the aisle considering how low the beds go. Here in 6D I’m close to the aisle but feel some freedom to move around with the console on the window-side and don’t feel like I’m in a coffin when sleeping.

All Delta One seats offer aisle access, fair legroom and width and a fully-flat bed. With supplied Westin Heavenly betting, sleep was easy for me on this flight. In fact I wasn’t even expecting to sleep on this flight, it just happened.


Meeting the Minimum in Tech

It’s all here. Delta One seats have a single power port for charging gear and a fair-sized personal TV with Delta Studio offering a decent vault of movies, tv and games. Wi-fi is by GoGo and was fairly reliable but a little slow on our hop. Using the on-board connection, you can stream Delta Studio options to your own device as well.

Eggs Don’t Fly, Pancakes Do

Our early morning flight got us breakfast and we were happy to have a choice of something other than eggs. After a fruit warmup, we ordered the silver dollar flapjacks. It wasn’t what I remembered from all those VFW pancake breakfast Dad used to bring me to as a kid, but was a great pre-nap carbfest.

Mini-pancake delivered right to your Delta One Seats

Pancakes! My favorite breakfast food of all time served with jam.

The snack-basket made it’s way around once or twice to remind us this is a domestic flight.

“Nice Try”

Kanye West exits the Delta One cabin of a 767-300ER

“Nice Try”. Kanye exits Delta One.    Snapchat: : Modhop

The most memorable interaction with the crew on this flight was when a flight attendant said “nice try” after witnessing my sad attempt at a paparazzi-style cell snap of Kanye West as he walked off the plane (He spent the whole flight in 6A and I noticed just then). Most of the flight I slept but service before and after was friendly and totally pro.

Rating: 8.5
 hops (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: Los Angeles (LAX) – New York (JFK)


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