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Getting Back Into Vacation Shape

Contributing Author April 14, 2022

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For some of us, it’s been over two years since we’ve felt safe to travel again. The pandemic risks aren’t completely gone (unfortunately), but thankfully, many major destinations have reopened to visitors. The good news is that we can travel safely cross-states and even abroad. Some travel restrictions and regulations remain, but more travelers who have been vaccinated and are willing to wear a mask in public areas are unlikely to meet any challenge. 

So, where are you planning to go? Unsure where to book or what to do with your first official post-pandemic break? Check our recent guide for inspiration. We want to focus on a trip that will make a difference and ensure you can make the most of your holiday without COVID risks. In other words, it’s best to avoid high tourist spots for now. So why not book an active holiday to go hiking or learn a new activity? 

But let’s clear our heads first. Before you pack your bag, you may want to prepare your mind and body for your trip. (Airport Zen, anyone?)

The only picture we have of Jake doing any sort of “hiking”.

Fuel up!

Think about it: Many of us have spent the best part of two years self-isolating. Even if you’ve trained to maintain an active lifestyle, it is fair to say that you may not have focused on a muscle-friendly diet. After all, we all remember the banana bread and dalgona coffee frenzy at the start of the pandemic. Despite our best effort, the pandemic has not been completely healthy. So, if you want to enjoy your active trip, it’s a good idea to flip the page on our collective diet to healthier options and perhaps add some muscle-friendly supplements to your meals. Here’s a site that features some top-quality supplements that can be good for boosting recovery times and muscle growth. 

As for that diet we mentioned, an important reminder: Supplements come on top of eating healthy. You can’t live on banana bread and sweat dalgona coffee for long if you want to prep your muscles. They need lean protein, such as eggs, cottage cheese, and poultry. 

Jake:But it’s gonna hurt!

Muscle soreness is frequent after a tough workout (especially if you’ve been taking it easy these past couple of years). Typically, the soreness disappears within a few days. But when you are on an active vacation, you can’t afford to take a few days’ break. So, it’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeve. 

First of all, staying hydrated at all times can help with muscle soreness and tension. Indeed, water transports nutrients into the cells, which can help repair microtears inside the muscle fibers. 

Secondly, you can also learn a few massage techniques to relax your tensed muscles after activity. 

Jake says: “Book hotels known for comfy beds for quality rest during active vacations.”

Learn to listen to your body

Your body reacts to a variety of elements, including the change in routine, change in environment, and change in activity levels. As a result, you might experience fatigue at the start of your active holiday. The phenomenon is natural and is not linked to your physical health. Learning to recognize early signs of fatigue can prevent injuries in the long term. 

So as soon as you feel that your body can’t maintain its form during physical activity, it is best to stop. It’s best to take it easy and be safe rather than push beyond your limits and hurt yourself. 

Is your body ready for your first, real post-pandemic holiday? It might come as a shock for many, so you can expect new sensations such as travel soreness or fatigue. Be patient with yourself, as even if you’ve maintained an active lifestyle during the pandemic, your body has not been exposed to traveling and active vacations in a long time! 

Have more tips for getting into vacation shape again? Let us know in the comments or IG, Twitter, TikTok or Snap @modhop

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