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On November 23, 2012
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If you arrive for your meeting at the Long Beach Convention Center on the right day (we didn’t), The Hyatt Regency gets you as close as you can stay. Touting rooms with “Costal California” decor, we were curious to see what exactly that means.

Hotel Name: Hyatt Regency Long Beach
Location: Long Beach, CA (USA)
Room Type: Regency Club Double

Art found in Regency Club room

Artwork is a nice touch but seems to be strategically placed outside the washroom to scare the holy hell out of you at 3am.

The Room:  This Regency Club room at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach adds a light, airy Cali-brightness to what might otherwise be another drab business trip. Take away the off-white furnishings and soCAL artwork and you’re just in another business-friendly club level room…and that’s still a good thing. While the desk is a bit smaller than we like for work and wi-fi doesn’t come free, we were content with an ergonomic chair and just enough room to spread out with numerous laptops and gadgetry while working.

Beds weren’t as soft as I’d like them but by no means the cinder-block-hard bed you might find in a Japanese business hotel. Linens were fresh and appeared to be high quality. I know little about thread count (except that higher is better) but Hyatt seems proud enough of their room amenities that they sell them all online via Hyatt at Home (hyattathome.com). Apparently enough people tried to steal towels and pillowcases.

Washroom offers up decent-enough counter space and some fancy looking, but otherwise typical fixtures.

Washroom Amenities:

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Windows were bummer-sized in that they were smaller than we’d hope from a hotel that looks out onto the ocean…and the run down park …and the  shipping yards…and the..nevermind, they’re fine.

Service: Check-in was a nice process but the desk guy seemed a tad robotic. He politely offered the upgrade to my Regency Club room as I had requested at booking as an “if available” option.. Other hotel staff were friendly but this was a short stay, so I didn’t form any long-term relationships with anyone.

Overall: Combined with extra benefits like the club-exclusive breakfast and evening cocktails, the discounted upgrade was worth the price. The room itself is maybe a smidge larger than average but doesn’t throw any substantial added benefits at you. It is, however, comfortable and well appointed.

Regency Club Pics:

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Rating (Room-only): 4 hops of 5

How we got it: When making reservations, space-available upgrades were offered. While on convention and busier weekends the upgrades are less likely. Since we showed up a day too early for ours, this club room was wide open.

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