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Ideas for a Travel Lover’s Perfect Date

Contributing Author October 26, 2022

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Getting the opportunity to take your other half on a special date can be so much fun, but figuring out where to go and what to do can be a real nightmarish experience. Thankfully, you can easily choose the right date idea when you can take the opportunity to include their passions in your planning efforts.

Cheerful woman and man toasting with champagne in plane
Date night? How about Date Flight?


Does your date love to travel? If so, then you can take the time to arrange a related date that incorporates their love for globe trotting. There are so many different options that you can explore when you want to plan out the perfect travel-inspired date, and thankfully this guide contains some of the best ideas to utilize now!

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover some of the best ideas that you can make the most of today! 


Take A Tour

A brilliant option to explore when you want to take your loved one out for a special travel-related date is to take a tour. There are so many places that you can visit to take a tour, so it totally depends on you and your partner’s personal preferences. You can take a ride in one of the best hot air balloons Bucks County has to offer so that you can tour the region from above, or even take a walking or trekking tour of a local natural beauty spot. Taking a tour can help you and your partner to feel young again, as you won’t have the responsibility of leading the date when you have a guide to do that for you. 


Seasonal Dependent Dates

There are several date ideas that are specific for certain seasons in the year. For winter, you can wrap up warm and make some hot cocoa to take inside a thermo container, then head out to a frozen lake to spend some time skating (or falling) around together without spending a thing. For summer you can head to the very same lake, but this time hire a canoe and drift around whilst the sunshine reflects on the water lapping around you both. The different times of year offer their own beneficial traits, so make the most of these and incorporate them into your date ideas. Seasonal dependent dates can be totally fun and unique, but only if you can manage to time them right. 

Asian people blogging outdoors. Selfie couple happy travel walk tourists taking photo
New selfie camera? Get your date what they need for travel.

Buy Some Travel Gear 

Why not take your date to a local mall (yes they still exist in many places) and buy your other half a whole host of travel gear to get them ready for their next adventure? Taking the time to invest in some clothing, accessories, equipment and more will certainly put a smile on your loved ones face, as they’ll be able to hit the open road with all of their new gear thanks to your kind and thoughtful investments. Travel gear doesn’t always come cheap, especially when you’re trying to buy things like good quality backpacks and suitcases, so getting a travel related gift can be a dream come true for an avid explorer. Maybe a pair of walking boots, a new camera?  Your partner will be thrilled with their globetrotter-themed shopping spree.


Gift Cards!

It may not sound like the most romantic option, but purchasing some travel gift cards for the special person in your life might just be the perfect present to explore when you take them out on your date. Gift cards can come in all flavors from airline to hotel to excursion or cruise, so it totally depends on what you think your partner would actually want and use. You can give them their travel gift card at the beginning of your date, and they can choose when and where to cash them in!  You don’t have to buy a present each time that you go on a date, but it’s a good idea for birthdays, Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. Wholesale clubs like Sams Club and Costco often have discounts on gift cards, so keep your eyes peeled for deals!

Planning the perfect date for a lover of travel has never been such a simple task when you can utilize some of the brilliant tips and ideas that have been carefully described above. You’ll be able to put a big smile on your other half’s face when you plan out a date that matches with their interests and passions, so get out there and spend some quality time together today.

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