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New KLM Business Class Seat in NYC | Event

Jake Redman June 29, 2015 3

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New KLM Business Class Seat - Aisle
The typical new KLM Business Class Seat is paired with a neighbor and reclines to a fully-flat position.

Where can you find a new KLM Business Class Seat other than on the planes outfitted with them? Well for a few days in June 2015 we got to pop IN to the airline’s pop-UP here in New York City. After sampling a Dutch stroopwafel the gravitational pull of business class seats beamed in the Modhop camera to give you a peek at what you’ll find up front aboard a KLM flight equipped with World Business Class.

The seat looks similar to those found in Business Class aboard Air China’s 777 and in some United BusinessFirst cabins (Boarding Area pal Lucky actually FLEW in the seats and mentioned the same in his review). The problem in each of these cabins is that footwells and consoles differ from seat to seat.  Many window seats force your feet into a tiny corner while the odd single seat (1A on the 747 for instance) gives you a giant console and no neighbor. Seatmap-style rating sites are certainly imperfect but it’s worth checking one out before choosing.

New KLM Business Class Seat Event - Stroopwafel
I’m not even sure “stroopwafels” are offered on-board, but they were plentiful on our visit to see new KLM Business Class Seat.

Your 17″ personal TV will be loaded with an improved seletion of movies, TV and games. Even though the demo seats were real, the screens were just IKEA-style props so we couldn’t dig around to see how deep the selection is. You can see what’s showing on your flight at KLM’s website.

Unlike the NYC PopUp you’ll get more than just Stroopwafels and coffee with your new KLM Business Class Seat. Check out  options from the refreshed menu, also at KLM.com.

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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  1. 02nz on June 29, 2015

    I think you mean United “BusinessFirst” not Business Elite, which is Delta’s former branding for its long-haul business class. Delta does also use the same basic seat design in its premium transcontinental 757’s but not in long-haul business class.

    • modhop on June 29, 2015

      Thanks 02nz! I did indeed mean BusinessFirst and made the correction in the text.

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