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American Airlines Admirals Club Newark (EWR) | Video

Jake Redman June 22, 2015 3

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On June 22, 2015
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Lounge: American Airlines Admirals Club
 Newark (EWR)

Seating: Cloth covered chairs that were perhaps stolen from a suburban bank lobby in 2004 litter the American Airlines Admirals Club Newark (EWR). Thankfully, they’re parked alongside more comfortable cube shaped leather chairs that easily outnumber their recession-era branch closing auction cousins.

American Airlines Admirals Club Newark View
The apron view isn’t bad but you wont see your AA plane from here.

We like the less than wide-open feeling here. Seats are sectioned nicely for when you’re travelling alone or with a group or family. The separation makes each space feel more exclusive than what you’ll find in the terminal.

Food/Drink: The complimentary options on this morning visit were typical for a domestic lounge. Bagels and similar high carb choices were backed up to a selection of friuts, yogurt and oatmeal. Coffee and tea are the only beverages you can get on your own. Soda and drinks for grown-ups come from the full serve bar. 

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Premium food is offered and can be ordered via the tablets placed throughout the lounge. Morning options include breakfast sandwiches, while sandwiches and more savory items rule the rest of the day.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Wi-fi worked well on this visit even with some light YouTube video streaming. Staying charged-up was easy too with power strips placed on tables through the lounge.

American Airlines Admirals Club Newark Food
As balanced as domestic lounge breakfast gets. Carbs n’ Fruit.

Service: Our experience with the front desk was cordial but not needing any other help once checked in, we don’t have much to comment on here.

Showers: None.

Summary: The American Airlines Admirals Club Newark  isn’t extraordinary but as it would be on most concourses at EWR, it’s worth escaping to. We’d even go so far as to say that if your stuck here or got to the airport way too early, it might be worth ponying up cash for a full-priced day pass. Dated but comfortable seats pair with snacks and all the bottoms shelf booze you can drink before being cut off to make this a nice escape from the gate.

Rating: 3 of 5

How to get in:  We used our US Airways Dividend Miles Mastercard club pass that used to come each year but that card and benefit discontinued when US an American merged. The only card that allows you access to Admirals Clubs now is the Citi AA Executive World Elite Mastercard which carries a hefty fee. If you don’t frequent Admirals Clubs and you just can’t take the gate chaos on a long delay, your best bet might be to pony up for a day-pass ($50 at time of this post).




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  1. Dan on June 30, 2015

    I have found of the AA lounges, this one does serve yuengling as a complementary choice. A step up from the bud light/miller lite combo most AA lounges serve free.

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