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5 Pictures That Might Make you sad About Your Economy Seat

Jake Redman March 9, 2016 5

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It’s Premium Economy

Singapore Airlines introduced it’s Premium Economy Seats in 2015 and they’ve finally made their way to some flights departing the US. As we post this (March 9, 2016) there’s an enticing sale on Premium Economy seats on dates that the airline flies newly re-configured A380 aircraft from New York JFK airport (Be aware that some dates don’t offer the new seats as there are some planes still without Premium Economy.)

Is This Just a Singapore Airlines Economy Seat With Legroom?

Not at all. The upgrade from the further-back Singapore Airlines economy seats is at least impressive to look at. Showing off it’s legroom, width and premium perks, this premium economy offering was on display here in New York a few months ago. We were there to catch a glimpse…

Seats in Premium Economy are much wider than in coach.
Seats in Premium Economy are much wider than in coach and come with extras like priority boarding and baggage.
Singapore Airlines Economy seats don't give you this much legroom. Here' you'll get a full 38" of stretch.
In this Premium cabin you’ll get 38″ of seat pitch for greater leg extension. That’s up from 32″ on the A380 in Singapore Airlines Economy seats.

The List of Premium Economy Perks

  • Greater Recline than in Singapore Airlines Economy seats (8″)
  • Wider Seats (Up to 19.5″)
  • Extending Leg/Calf rest
  • Footrest
  • Larger 13.3″ Personal TV. Larger than 11.1″ TV in Singapore Airlines Economy Cabin.
  • USB + Standard Power Ports
  • Enhanced Food + Drink Menu
  • Priority Baggage, Boarding + Service
Feet/legrests in Premium Economy.
Premium Economy passengers get a footrest built into the seatback in addition to an extendable foot/calf rest built into your own.
Step up from Singapore Airlines Economy Seats. Premium Economy in NYC.
A big step up from Singapore Airlines Economy seats. Premium Economy on display in NYC.
Your Premium TV screen is a few inches larger than in Singapore Airlines Economy seats.
In Premium Economy, you’ll get this 13.3″ personal TV, up from 11.1″ in Singpore Airlines Economy Seats.

Not That We’re Trying to Sell You Anything…

If photos of display seats don’t persuade you to upgrade, how about a super glossy, airline-produced video? We could maybe do without the song.

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