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So Many Reasons to Visit Fiji. Here are six:

Contributing Author November 7, 2022

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Fiji is known as one of those places that have grown considerably in popularity, particularly for those who are looking for an ultra

Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean
Ridiculously blue water and so relaxing in Fiji.

-relaxing and luxurious trip. While not often as cheap as the average vacation package, that extra cost can be well worth it when it comes to traveling to this part of the world.


It’s become become a hotspot for many celebrities to visit and for those in search of their perfect honeymoon destination. Looking to book a trip to Fiji? Here are six reasons to travel to Fiji this year.


It’s a cultural experience unlike no other

Fiji offers a cultural experience that’s unlike no other. It offers an opportunity for cultural immersion. With their chorus of bula and vinakas which are traditional songs that give thanks, to dances and other experiences, there’s endless cultural exposure available.

Fire dancers are a great spectacle to enjoy and tourists can get involved in many activities that they wouldn’t have been able to experience in their own native country.

The people

One thing that has become abundantly clear to those have visited Fiji is that nearly everyone they’ve meet is super friendly. There’s nothing like having welcoming locals who will do just about anything to help those who might be struggling to find their way around the island.

For some, it’s a warm hug and for others, a serenade with a traditional song and dance! Regardless of who the locals are, they’ll be sure to give a nice welcome wherever visitors find themselves. It may help that they live a paradise like Fiji!

It’s a romantic location

Fiji is considered one of the most romantic vacation locations available on Earth. It’s why many newly married couples choose it as their dream destination to enjoy their honeymoon. Whether you’re situated in an over-water bungalow or a room at beach resort, most stays in Fiji are luxurious and many who want a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience will find themselves in this part of the world.

Snorkel couple swimming together in tropical sea with follow me composition
Snorkeling anyone? Fiji’s got it along with plenty more to do.

These luxury resorts offer private plunge pools and candlelit dinners on the beach. There’s nothing more romantic than Fiji. Even for those not on their honeymoon, it’s hard not to experience the romantic side of this destination. Of course, there’s so much more to do for those who are in a larger group or vacationing as a family but it’s mainly popular for those who want a romantic destination.

They offer some fantastic massages

If there’s one big benefit from traveling to Fiji this year, it’s that they offer some incredible massages. Well-priced and affordable, the masseuses are talented in their ability to relax you and provide a glorious massage from head to toe.

Whether it’s hot stones to being caked in mud, the massages are a must-have, wherever tourists are staying. The deep-tissue massages are wonderful but made even more so when looking out to such a blissful landscape that is Fiji.

Fantastic islands and beaches

Fiji is known as one of those picture-postcard destinations. From pristine white beaches to tall, swaying palm trees – it has it all.

There are many beaches that will have almost no one on them, making it a far cry away from those local beaches close by you, that have hundreds flocking to them over the summer.

With Fiji, it’s a perfect place for those who are looking to enjoy every day in the sun, soaking it up on the beach with a mojito in hand. Fiji benefits from being one of those places that don’t have a huge amount of tourism throughout the year, meaning it’s not polluted or trashed. These beaches will be clean and pristine. 

Lots of interesting wildlife to discover

Before visiting Fiji, it’s worth taking a look at the latest Fiji news to get more insight into the location before traveling. When it comes to wildlife, there’s a lot to discover. From turtles, whales, and dolphins, to tropical fish that one may never have come across before.

Underwater Scene With Reef And Tropical Fish
Land or sea, there are plenty of ways to interact with wildlife.


If you’re looking to travel to Fiji this year, then there are plenty of valid excuses to get over there and explore what this beautiful island has to offer to tourists both near and far.

Been to Fiji? Tell us about your trip and share your experiences in the comments or on socials @modhop.

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