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This TAP Airlines Review Will Make you Super Sleepy.

Jake Redman August 15, 2016 2

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Airline: TAP Airlines (Portugal)
Aircraft: A330-200
Seat maps: SeatGuru (Azul Airlines*)
Our Seat(s): 4K
Class: Executive Business
*Plane reviewed was configured for Azul Airlines.

Our Seat was the Best.

Our TAP Airlines Review is in Executive Business Class aboard one of two A330-200s leased by TAP after being configured for Azul Airlines. It’s also a peek at how TAP Airlines could reconfigure it’s up-front cabins aboard other long-haul planes. Here, window seats in rows 2 and 4 are our favorites with a large console on the aisle side. In alternate rows, it’s on the other side. I like to smack my head right up against the window when I stare outside so a window-side console isn’t ideal.

Comfort? You’re set up with simple controls to get into flatbed and “relax” positions. In sleep mode you’ll get a decent bed with good cushioning and room for your feet. The one thing I thought was odd was that footwells are open on one side exposing your feet if it’s on the aisle side. Wear your good socks.

Things like storage space and console shape are admittedly better in similar seats on other airlines, but we dealt with it. You’ll get a small cubby at head level on the console side and some room under the footwell for shoes, but not much more.

[cardboard id=”11797″]Use your finger or mouse to navigate this 360° seat tour. (I need to start smiling in these) *Sorry, full screen option currently not working.

No Map?!

TAP Airlines Review - No Map.
I was headed to Lisbon but willing to accept São Paulo if the flight status indicator was true.

I rely on moving maps for long flights. It’s the only thing I’ve got when I can’t commit to another movie… and it’s somehow fun for me to watch. So when I was done flipping through the limited personal entertainment unit, I was left to stare out my dark window or go to sleep.

The entertainment system appears to be a stripped-down version of the Azul Airlines interface. You’ll find stripped or replaced branding in other parts of the plane too. Just look at the cubby above your console where the Azul logo is covered by a TAP Portugal sticker.

Sky Fish.

In my pre-flight research for this TAP Airlines review I found only extremes. Equal numbers would say food was exceptional or awful so it was tough to set expectations. Naturally, I hoped for the middle and that’s pretty much what I got.

Tired of the usual beef fillet, I set my sights to the sea in celebration of this over-water flight and went with the Mahi Mahi. Despite it’s withered sky-cooked appearance, there was flavor in this fish and was paired well with mushroom orzo risotto. This wasn’t Michelin star excellence, but a decent light meal before an abbreviated night’s sleep.

Modhops TAP Airlines Review - Food
Food does pretty well in our TAP Airlines review. This Mahi brought the flavor but isn’t much to look at.

Our pre-arrival breakfast was basically just a morning snack. Menu? Yogurt, fruit, bread annnnd done.

See the full food and wine lineup in our hastily scanned TAP Portugal Menu.

Not What Memories are Made of…but not bad.

I’m trying to forget the part where I was scolded for trying to use the restroom WELL before landing (I  think they locked the bathroom way too early…but whatever). Most of the flight I was provided  smiles, well timed meal service and bigger than Portugal sized friendliness. If you scan sites like Flyertalk you’ll get a mediocre TAP Airlines review (for service) more often than not but this flight seemed better. It was a good day, I guess.

Rating: 6.8 (of 10)

Route Flown for this review: New York(JFK) – Lisbon (LIS)

How we got em’

We got in on a one-way $143 “mistake” fare, then upgraded using TAP Airlines “plusgrade” service. After booking you name your upgrade price and wait to see if it’s accepted. This one cleared 3 days before the flight.


Thanks for watching and reading our TAP Airlines review aboard this A330-200 in Executive Business Class.

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    • modhop on August 15, 2016

      Thanks! The bid was just over $300 and was based on the previous winning bids of others who posted about it online. The cabin was pretty wide open according to just a few days before the flight so I might have gotten away with slightly less. Still, pretty reasonable based on my original fare for mid Summer travel.

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