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Time to Relocate? Your Inner House Hunter may be Calling.

Contributing Author September 2, 2021

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During the coronavirus lockdowns that have been enforced around the world in the past year and a half, most of us  dreamt of being somewhere else. Staying home can be fun for a while, but at the end of the day, we all want to travel and take in new experiences as our lives progress. Being stuck in one place can be extremely frustrating, especially if you don’t feel happy with your current living circumstances.

However, dreaming of living elsewhere doesn’t necessarily mean you are actually ready to relocate. Relocating your entire life is a huge shift for you personally, professionally and emotionally. Are you ready to take that step? You’re about to find out.

Here are some signs that you may be ready to relocate.

You are already spending time researching new jobs in new places.

If you spend all your free time looking up job opportunities, apartments, or even social spots in a new city or neighbourhood, this is a sign you are ready to move on. Spending time actively searching for something new means you are putting practical steps into place, not just daydreaming idly about a different life. These practical moves show that you are ready to make a commitment and put in the time to achieve the new life you’ve been dreaming about. 

You have an emotional tie to the place in which you are dreaming of living. 

Perhaps you already live outside your home country and you are considering moving home; or, on the contrary, you have spent time abroad before and want to move back permanently. An emotional tie can be your anchor in times of uncertainty, and you may feel that this place is calling you back at this time in your life. 

By exploring this emotional tie, and digging deep to figure out why it might be causing you to gravitate towards that place, you can uproot the cause of your desire to move and figure out if it’s right for you. Trust your instincts; if your emotions are telling you to go, perhaps it’s a sign you are ready to make that big step.

You are truly unhappy with your current circumstances. 

It could be that a relationship, a job, or simply outgrowing your current living situation, is causing you to feel unhappy. Whatever the cause, you need to listen to your instincts if they are telling you to run a mile. 

Your intuition is rarely wrong, so if you are getting bad vibes from a certain situation in your life, it could be time to uproot and leave it behind. Unhappiness shouldn’t be tolerated long-term; we all go through periods of unhappiness in our lives, but if it’s becoming permanent for you, then a change is needed in order to have a better quality of life. 

Final Thoughts

Relocating is hard work, but with the right motivation, you could find it is the best option for you right now. Learn more about how to complete a smooth, stress-free house move by clicking the link!

Have you been considering a move? Let us know where you’ve considered and why in the comments or on Twitter, Instagram or TikTok @modhop .

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