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10 Signs You Need a Real Adventure

Contributing Author August 13, 2021 5

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From Jake: “Adventure” travel isn’t necessarily on-brand for Modhop, but one of our contributing authors insisted we throw some inspiration your way. Hope this helps motivate some to get beyond first class to more exciting vacations when you’re ready…

There is nothing worse than feeling bored and uninspired with your routine. Going from day to day job to day to day job without a break in the monotony feels like a waste of a life, and it is. Where’s the fun? Where’s the adventure? Where’s the support from your friends and family to go out there into the world and do something with yourself? Your life is not just about working and dealing with the family; you deserve adventure and happiness, and you have to go out and get it.

Young woman with a retro camera
Go get awesome photos in places Jake won’t go!

Routines are comfortable. They bring you peace and they make you feel secure. The problem is that too much routine is boring and that repetition can give you the sense that you want to break out of life and run. Do you want to go to Bali? Do you want to adventure to Antarctica? If you are in need of some helpful tips before embarking on an Antarctica adventure, check out this handy guide on crossing the Drake Passage. If you want to go to Bali, check out this Bali beach list. You need to get out and make your life count, and here are ten signs you’re in need of an adventure to remember for a lifetime.

Dramatic dawn in Torres del Paine, Chile
Get to the most dramatic scenery. Dawn in Torres del Paine, Chile


  1. You can’t remember the last time you felt challenged. When was the last time you actually broke away from your comfort zone and did something more stimulating? Your hobbies have to thrill you and fulfill you and if they don’t, you have a problem on your hands! Your passions should excite you and if they don’t, you need new passions. You might do far better when challenged, so why not go and find one?!
  2. You’re going through some changes in life. Getting into a routine is important in life but if you have had a huge transition that has shaken you out of that routine, maybe now is the perfect time to grab an adventure – before the world slows down again. Rather than wait for yourself to settle in life, you should keep the dust kicked into the air and have time for an adventure.
  3. You’re bored. It’s the simplest reason to go a little extravagant with your savings and make sure that you can get out there and have an adventure. You’re bored. You’re spacing out at work and staring out of the window thinking of a different view. The only way to go and see another view is to go and get it! Don’t be afraid to chase what you want in life – you only get one of them!
  4. Your dreams are big. There is no such thing as dreams that are “too big”. You can have whatever you want, as long as you figure a pathway to go and get it. You know that it’s time for a new adventure when the dream that’s been tucked away in your heart is coming out and pushing you into a new stage of life. 
  5. You very rarely shake it up  – and it’s time you did. When you are settled into the rhythm of work/home/work/home, it becomes very hard to want to shake life up and wait for it to fall your way. You become so reliant on the routines you’ve created that the idea of deviating is terrifying. The thing is, an adventure is going to challenge and excite you at the same time.
Climbers, Antarctica
How adventurous are you? Climbers, Antarctica
  1. You’re feeling restless. You know that feeling of restless legs? You can’t help but get up and move. Sometimes, that feeling spreads all over and you just need to get up and move around and that extends to pushing the excess energy away from you. Whether your adventure means that you’re getting out there and going on a break away, or it means you’re taking on a whole new challenge, the restless feeling means you need an adventure.
  2. You’re jealous of others. Are you watching your friends exploring the world? Are you seeing your sister sitting on that Bali beach with a cocktail in hand and not a care in the world? You could be just like that. There is literally no reason to live vicariously through someone else when you could be living this way yourself.
  3. You cannot remember the last adventure you had. It’s been that long, huh? It’s time for a new one. An adventure isn’t just travel, but a new job, learning something new and being yourself elsewhere!
  4. You’re in need of a win. The most depressing idea is that you’re going to be 75 years old one day and you’re going to regret something. The vacation you didn’t take. The job you didn’t fight for. The career you put on the backburner for the sake of the kids. Life is for living and you have to take what you can get from it while you have one. It doesn’t last forever and it will end one day. Making your life count is the best thing that you could do for yourself.
  5. You’re ready. Not everyone can find it in themselves to grab onto a change and run with it, but you can. You can take your chance to be bold and be brave. Dying is easy, living is harder, and you need to make sure that living means something. It means exploring and being passionate and living in a way that makes YOU happy. Freedom is not easy to come by but once you have it, you have to go and do something with it. 


What kind of adventures could you have in life? Are you ready to go on one and make your life count for something? We sure are. We’re ready to grab life by the hands and embrace it. You can’t spend your whole life living for other people – so stop doing that. Do for you and be selfish. When you empty your cup and give other people what you have, you end up empty.


Don’t end up empty.

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