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Travel Inspiration: Bucket Lists and Mood Boards

Contributing Author April 27, 2022

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It is no secret that the past couple of years has been a massive challenge for many of us. Staying at home during the pandemic was something we collectively grew bored of pretty quickly. The experience of spending so much time at home was a wake-up call for many and made us realize just how important it is to be able to travel. Having the freedom to access new experiences and travel wherever and whenever we want is something most of us won’t take for granted again. So, with many travel restrictions finally easing, you may be keen to put the past couple of years behind you and enjoy some exciting new experiences. Bringing more adventure into your life is an excellent way to feel alive and like you are living your life on your terms

Jake takes a food break in SE Asia.

With so many fantastic places to visit and so many amazing experiences just waiting to be discovered that it would be a bummer to miss out on making the most of the opportunity for adventure. So, if you’re feeling ready to start seeing more of the world and introducing a healthy dose of adventure into your life, you may be wondering how to get started. The tips below may help you make your dreams of living more adventurously a reality and bring added excitement into your daily life.


Those Lists and Boards

To make the most of every adventure, it is a great idea to write a bucket-style list of things you want to accomplish on your trip. Sitting down and thinking about all the things you would love to see and do is a great way to get inspired and bring your dreams of adventure to life. So whether you want to find the best Mediterranean restaurant in Phoenix or see the best show on Broadway, cover it off. Writing down everything, even ideas that may sound a little crazy right now, can help to spark your creativity and help you to begin seeing all the different possibilities that are available to you.

As well as writing down your ideas, you may also find it helpful to get creative and make a mood board for your adventures. Filling your mood board with images of places you want to go and activities you would like to try is a great way to get inspired. Collecting bits of inspiration wherever you go, from quotes that capture your attention to travel articles that pique your interest, will ensure that you have plenty of ideas to play around with as prompts for your next adventure.


Baby-Sized Challenges

Lots of us feel apprehensive about getting back out into the world after spending all that time staring at the same four walls for so long. If you found yourself feeling a little nervous about returning to normality after isolation period, then you may be finding it difficult to get out of your comfort zone. Taking small steps and challenging yourself to make steady progress is a great way to regain confidence and step outside your comfort zone without feeling overwhelmed. 

Today a domestic visit. Tomorrow, climbing ruins in Siem Reap.

The more you challenge yourself, the easier it will become to step outside of your comfort zone, embrace your adventurous side, and begin living life to the full once again. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you have proved to yourself that you can challenge yourself and succeed, everything else will be easier and simply fall into place.


Get Back Into Game Shape

We know being physically active is a crucial part of living a healthy life and maintaining their physical fitness and wellbeing. However, getting active and bringing more exercise into your life is also a perfect way to be adventurous. If you get bored of running the same routes or visiting the gym and doing the same workouts over and over, you may want to bring your quest to be more adventurous into your fitness regime. Mixing things up a bit and introducing an adventurous side to your physical activity will instantly make it more fun and seriously reduce the chances of you getting bored.

Trying different sports such as surfing, paddle-boarding, or horseback riding is a great way to get adventurous and to get plenty of exercise at the same time. Challenging yourself to try new sports is a great way to push out of your comfort zone and is sure to bring a sense of adventure to every single day. Getting yourself equipped for a range of sporting activities such as Custom Wetsuits is an excellent way to be prepared for trying a variety of different watersports until you find one that you love. Hiring the equipment for the sport will be easy, so you should not need anything more than your own wetsuit to get started. 

If you don’t like the idea of discovering a new sport by yourself, you may want to get a friend on board and get them to come along with you. Having someone to support you and share the adventure is a great way to make it even more fun, plus you will make plenty of happy memories at the same time. 


Try New Activities

Having a go at new sports activities is an excellent way to be more adventurous, but you don’t need to stop at trying new sports. When it comes to introducing more adventure into your life, you can make this a daily occurrence by trying new activities and incorporating them into your everyday life. Taking up new hobbies is a great way to stretch yourself and to develop new skills. Hobbies can really enrich your life as well as helping you to meet new people. Finding activities that you love can make every day seem more exciting, and when you find an activity that you enjoy, you will be able to incorporate it into your daily routine to make every day more fun. 

New for Jake… Tiny hikes in the Adirondacks. – Lake George, NY.

If you have activities on your bucket list that you have always wanted to try, now is the perfect time to give them a go and see whether you like them. When it comes to trying new things, there is a whole world of possibilities out there, from arts and crafts to fishing and everything in between, so you will not be short of choice.


Get out There!

Travel is the thing that most people think of first when they decide to bring more adventure into their lives, especially when travel was not possible for so long due to the pandemic. However, many stick to visiting the same destinations over and over rather than trying different types of vacation. Planning a trip to an entirely different destination than the type you would usually choose is a great way to make your trip more fun. Visiting somewhere entirely different and experiencing other cultures will help you to embrace your love of adventure and to feel a whole new sense of freedom. Nothing beats the feeling of experiencing new places, seeing new sights, and immersing yourself in a different culture. Changing the way that you travel is another excellent way to make your vacations more adventurous. Taking a hiking break, planning a road trip, or going on an adventure vacation are all great ways to shake up your usual vacation routine. Having an open mind and embracing the opportunities that come your way will ensure that you enjoy plenty of adventures and make the most of your freedom.

The sense of excitement and exhilaration that travel brings should help you to get a taste for adventure and a desire to bring more new experiences into your life.

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