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Travel With the Besties: Tips for Girlfriend Getaways

Contributing Author January 27, 2023

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It doesn’t matter your age or who you are, getting away with your girlfriends is always necessary and a good decision. You need this time to unwind, reset, and enjoy a wonderful vacation with people you like being around.

The hangup or dilemma may be that you aren’t quite sure where to begin planning it or what details to take care of in advance. Here you can learn how to plan and prepare for the perfect girls weekend getaway and ensure that you and your friends have the time of your life and return home happy you went.

Diverse girlfriends with drinks taking selfie on beach
Beach trips with friends is always better with a plan.


Determine the Vibe & Guest List

Begin by determining the vibe of the trip and deciding on a guest list. For instance, maybe you’re heading out for a bachelorette party, or maybe you just want to get away from the winter weather and spend some time laying on a beach. Why you’re going and who you’re going with will help guide you in choosing the right destination. Then you can begin to budget for your trip and narrow down potential accommodations for where you’ll stay.

Update Your Wardrobe

Next, you should plan out your wardrobe and discuss with your guests what to wear. Regardless of where you go, it’s a good chance to buy some new clothes and update your wardrobe. If you’re short on time and like the convenience of shopping online for stylish clothes then consider checking out https://paisleygraceboutique.com/. They have a wide variety of fashionable women’s clothes and accessories and sales that you won’t want to miss. 

Baby boomer women drinking wine on family dinner in the garden.
Some spontaneity is great but planning meals ahead of time keeps things stress-free on vacation.


Plan the Menu

The food should also be a high priority as you plan and prepare for the perfect girls weekend getaway. Plan the menus or make restaurant reservations well in advance so you aren’t rushing around at the last minute or leave your guests hungry and crabby on your trip. Factor in budgets, options, and personal tastes or allergies when tackling this task. You may want to mix up the menus and options during your vacation such as cooking and making food some nights, getting takeout some evenings as well as going out for dinners as a group. 


Create A Loose Itinerary 

You also should come up with a loose itinerary for your girls weekend getaway to ensure it’s fun and a success. Plan and prepare for the days by knowing what you’re going to do when and what activities you’ll be participating in. It should be a loose itinerary because it’s also important and wise to build in some down and rest time. You don’t want your guests to be tired and sluggish when you’re supposed to be having fun. Write the schedule and then share it ahead of time so your guests know what to expect and can plan and pack appropriately. 


Don’t panic if you’re in charge of or are hoping to plan and prepare for the ultimate girls weekend getaway. Simply follow these tips and advice and you will be setting yourself and your guests up to have a wonderful and, most importantly, a fun time. 

Planning a trip with friends? Let us know how you’re planning via socials @modhop or in the comments.


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