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unBOX | Swiss Business Class Amenity Kit

Jake Redman April 10, 2014 2

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The unBOX process is one that I try to leave opinion out of but I often say things like “…not a bad little amenity kit” or something complimentary about contents that I have little or no use for. It’s true that this Swiss Business Class amenity kit is sufficient and comes in a fancy hipster-branded bag, but if and when I give it away as a “prize” as I do with many of our other unBOX’d kits, I’ll have to throw in something else as a bonus to make it worth mailing…

Why, that’s a versatile and sylish baggie you’ve got there. We’ve seen Swiss Business Class flights that offer a collectable metal case with an image of one of their planes embossed on the top (I understand these are offered on inbound flights to Switzerland), but on this trip we got a small but stylish case from Qwstion. If you’re not familiar, Qwstion is a Switzerland based maker of modern metrocentric bags with stores all over the globe.

It’s super flimsy, but it’s adjustable! Because airlines typically hand out this thin style of eyemask, I bring my own. The 2 tiny straps used to hold the mask can prove to be annoying by digging in around the back of your head.  It’s nice that they’re adjustable but because the straps are so small you’ll need tiny fingers and some patience to get it right. Mine? I’ve been using (washing) and re-using an eyemask from the long-defunct SwissAir. It’s thick with a single, heavy duty velcro strap and blocks light beautifully.

LOOK AT ME! There’s nothing subtle about the socks that come with the kit. These are as bright red as the logo on the cleanest, shiniest, newest Swiss Airlines plane. Don’t expect them to be a regular in your sock drawer, though.  These are decidedly single-use.

Where’s the rest of the stuff?   Generic lip balm is cool to apply slowly at an indy concert in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) but this is business class. Inside competing kits, you’ll find lotions and lip balm from the likes of L’Occitane and Nivea and mints from S’mint or…whoever else makes mints. A cough drop? Really?

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. That 3M is a legend of a company in my home state doesn’t weigh on my opinion that they make great earplugs. You’ll find a pair inside this kit and when used right, will hear very little of what’s happeing around you.

But really, who cares? If Swiss didn’t hand out more than an economy meal (on a real plate) and a blanket, I’d be so happy with my seat I wouldn’t complain…much.  Our trek in Swiss Business Class aboard an A330-300 put me in one of our favorite seats in this class. Eat, cover your head with the blanket and sleep on your roomy lie-flat bed. Without turbulence, a top-notch flight experience.

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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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  1. James Dozer on April 11, 2014

    Bahaha those are the brightest socks ever! And the most un-green packaging for the tiniest cough drop.

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