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Airline Seats

Video | United Embraer ERJ-170 First Class Seat 1D

Jake Redman September 23, 2013

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On September 23, 2013
Last modified:September 23, 2013


Airline: United Express (Operated by Shuttle America.)
Aircraft: Embraer ERJ-170 – Seat Map
Seat Info: 1D – Bulkhead
Class: First Class

United Express E170 Seat
Not even a magic ruler can make this 24″ wide. – First Class Seat aboard a United Express E170

Seat(s): As I type, there’s a very popular seat map site that says that the seats in this cabin aboard a United Express Embraer ERJ-170 (operated by Shuttle America) are 24″wide.

They are not.

But as domestic first class seats in the US go, they DO leave some room for your hips despite being on a smaller “regional” plane. Also, the often restricting bulkhead is far enough away that there’s room to stretch a little before your feet hit the wall. Even if you’re tall enough that the wall is still a bother, it’s not difficult to angle around it thanks to a slight shift in the aisle.

See the views across the aisle to seat 1A and how much legroom Wifey had in seat 1F in the gallery posted to our Google + Community.

Tech/Connectivity:  The only tech that you’re allowed to use is your dying smartphone or device…and only when the crew says you can. No wi-fi, no plugs.

United Snack Box
This is what happens when you let someone else choose your snacks…Creme crackers with fake cheese anyone? – United Airlines Snack Box

Food: You might see something more robust at meal-times, but this time it was a snack box with all my favorites; like chocolate-covered acai berries and hummus (If you smell sarcasm, there’s no need to visit your ENT doctor…You’re fine).

The snack mix is simply 90% tiny pretzels, 9.8% those sorta spicy orange things and 1 almond.

Service: The 2-person cabin crew seemed to balance their tasks efficiently, almost robotic. The flight attendant assigned to the tiny 8-seat first class cabin aboard this Embraer ERJ-170 changed speeds like a pro. Slow and smiley up front, speedy and just trying not to spill anything beyond row 2. Even when the smiles seemed a little disingenuous, it’s hard not to appreciate the effort.

Rating: 3 “hops” (of 5).

How we got em’: Upgrades were offered for purchase at check-in online. Set a reminder to check in 24 hours before flight time, to see if seats have been released for a discounted upgrade using cash, mileage plus miles, or both.

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