We did it! We made it to our 10th podcast! This week we look back at a scary 40 minutes aboard a United Airlines flight and dig into Hyatt’s first points promotion of 2018. Plus we found another SiriusXM pal with vacation tales about this weeks featured destination: Barbados.

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Lucrative Hyatt Deal and Keeping Cool on United

  • Hyatt came at us with their first big points promotion of 2018 and it’s a good one.
  • “Keeping cool on United” hasn’t been an easy thing for me to do in recent years under NORMAL conditions. This past week, a Google engineer was able to breathe deeply in a pretty scary situation. Here’s his tweet from United flight 1175 this past Tuesday when the engine casing flew off the left engine in mid-air:

Bits of Barbados: All Wonderful.

Finally: My YouTube tutorial on how to break your “waterproof” phone in Barbados.

Sony XPERIA advertised this model as fully waterproof but I failed to read the “freshwater only” part in the fine print. So while it can handle a run in the dishwasher, it can’t handle 3 seconds in the Atlantic.

Travel Cards we Like Right Now*

Jake: SPG Business Card is still my main for business expenses. Easy transfers to partner airlines and use of Sheraton Lounges are just 2 great benefifts.

Ryan: Chase Sapphire Reserve: It’s got a hefty Fee but The Chase Sapphire Reserve comes with a $300 transportation credit yearly and tons of travel benefits.

*Please note that we may get a consumer-level referral benefit (in points) if you use our links but aren’t paid by banks/credit cards to recommend. These are cards we actually use and like. We don’t use credit card affiliate linking anywhere in our content.

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