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United ready to go again with 787 Dreamliner.

Jake Redman April 8, 2013 1

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The buzz this #modhopMonday is that United Airlines is confident enough that the FAA will approve Boeing’s current fix for their fire-plagued 787 Dreamliner, that they’re scheduling preliminary flights with the aircraft. Both Jaunted (novice) and Airline Route (advanced) posted the news earlier today. Jaunted’s story points to a domestic flight between Denver and Houston that, as of this morning, still had plenty of seats available. If you’d like to be one of the brave to try what would be a newly re-certified aircraft, this might be the perfect opportunity.

Once you’re comfortable with the idea of floating above the clouds in an awesome carbon-fiber tube with new fire protections, here’s what you’ll find on-board:

Our general CloseUP of the United 787 Dreamliner.

Read the full CloseUP.


Full review of 19L in Economy Plus aboard the United 787 Dreamliner.

Read the full review.


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Jake Redman

Jake Redman

Modhop Host & Founder Jake Redman brings years of global exploration and travel tips to the podcast and our videos at Modhop. Jake is also a Producer and Host for SiriusXM.

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  1. Wandering Aramean on April 9, 2013

    I don’t understand what the “news” is here, other than that two outlets wrote the story today. These dates have been on the schedule for a while, namely since the last time United changed their schedules do to the grounding more than a week ago.

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