Boeing 767-300MX

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On May 7, 2012
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Airline: Air Canada
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300MX
Row:  8  Seat: 8K
Class: “Executive” First


Cold chicken dish served aboard Air Canada flight.

The Air Canada Diet:  B.Y.O. Mayo and bread.

The Seat: This Air Canada Executive First” cabin is configured nearly the same on all of their 767 fleet with the exception of a few “767-300ER” planes. The seat is from the same line as aboard Delta Airlines 777-200LR aircraft and offers full, lie-flat extension and lots of legroom while upright. One big plus (one that was a big minus in the Delta seat) is that the alignment with the window is such that you’re not required to crane your neck if you want to peek outside. You’ll find an easily navigable touch-screen entertainment system with a handful of movies and TV programs, although I didn’t see enough to think that I’d be entertained for more than a few hours. If you’re going trans-oceanic, you may want to toss a few extra movies on your tablet or laptop, which you can keep charged with the built-in power outlet. With plenty of room to move around and at least a few options for entertainment, this is a good choice for travel within North America.

Food:The cold chicken dish I was served was a healthy but bland choice. It was also small.   For the money I’d hope for a side salad and maybe a brownie.

Summary:. If your upgrade cleared or a paid one didn’t cost a fortune, then this seat is great. If you’re on a long-haul flight overseas, there may be some value in using miles for an upgrade or having your cash-rich company foot the bill (assuming the food is different). If you’re on anything under a few  hours and are still working on a good nights sleep, there’s really no reason to drop miles or money on the upgrade.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

Strategy: Upgrades can be purchased at check-in or at the airport for miles or cash. If nothing is available when checking in online, try again at the counter when you get to the airport (get there early).

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