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ANA 767-300 Row 18 (Exit) Economy

Jake Redman July 30, 2012 5

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Boeing 767-300 (1)

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On July 30, 2012
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Airline: ANA – All Nippon Airways
Aircraft: Boeing 767-300 (1)
Row:  18   Seat: A/D
Class: Economy (Exit)

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Hamburger and egg meal aboard ANA 767-300.
Yum? No. – Hamburger and egg combo aboard an ANA 767-300.
The Seat:  The legroom in this seat SHOULD be phenomenal, but someone threw up a bulkhead wall in front of  you. I’m not sure if it’s a safety thing or if having to sit face to face with exit row passengers was too much for ANA’s flight attendants. You still have some room to stretch out here though, getting more cramped the more you get over six feet tall (or so). The tray table and personal TV monitor tuck away into the armrest which eats up seat width but creates something similar to a middle-console like you might find in a proper premium economy cabin…almost.

Food: Bring your own easy-bake-oven. The egg-on hamburger experience was a cholesterol- filled but Atkins friendly nightmare.

Service: Flight attendants were happy and helpful throughout. I’d like to think ours would have recommended a 3rd choice from the menu if there had been one. Coffee/Tea/Water and snack services came around frequently and we were kept pretty happy by the flight crew.

Summary: I liked this seat a lot despite not eating well and having the bulkhead wall unnecessarily keep me from obnoxiously stretching my legs any further than I need to. Marks come off for seat width but gain a little back for the elbow space created by the tray table and video screen.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5)

Strategy:  Exit and bulkhead seats with extra legroom like this one can be purchased at (and after booking) for a nominal fee ($20 one-way) in this case.

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  1. Keith Inouye via Facebook on July 31, 2012

    I’m with you on the fixed-back-forward-sliding seats. Surprisingly more comfortable in the upright position, but these seats were impossible to sleep in.

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