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Video | Delta 737-900 First Class – Row 1

Jake Redman December 16, 2013 4

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On December 16, 2013
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 737-900ER
Seat Info: Row 1 Seats B-C
Class: First


Pillow and blanket on a Delta 737-900
Sweet. International economy amenities on a domestic flight – Pillow and blanket in first on a Delta 737-900ER

Seat(s): This seat is brand spanking new. If I thought it would stay that way forever, I’d go on about how nice the unspoiled blue leather looks and how “new plane smell” beats the stale spilled coffee smell of a sad old Delta A320.  But by the time you get to them, the seats here in first class aboard this Delta 737-900 might be broken in (or maybe just broken) from a few years of service. What you’ll find here in row 1 though, isn’t much different than what you’ll find aboard most domestic single-aisle “narrowbody” planes…

A wall.

What’s different about the A/B seats and C/D seats in this row is that the former comes with a small cutout for your feet. It’s not much, but if your feet love playing “fort” as much as I did as a kid, it makes a difference. Across the aisle there’s no cutout but your seat is an inch or two back so there’s little or no significant, if any,  loss in foot space. It’s just that your feet don’t get to hide.

Seat width is fairly standard for US domestic first class at about 21″. That’s enough space for you to feel confident about asking for  a second helping of Biscoff cookies.

Banana and juice on a Delta 737-900
A potassium, vitamin c staring contest. Drink and snack basket selections aboard a Delta 737-900ER in first.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: Like most of Delta’s domestic fleet, the 737-900 is wired up with GoGo in-flight wifi for purchase. Power can be pulled from the USB charger built in to your personal TV screen or using standard power ports below the center console in between seats.

Food: Ours was a short hop so just a small selection of snacks was offered from the dreaded “there’s no meal on this flight” snack basket. Banana & juice was the beginning and end of breakfast.

Service: Fine. No one got hurt, everyone got coffee.

Rating: 3 “hops” (of 5).

Route Flown (for this review): TPA (Tampa) – ATL (Atlanta)

How we got em’: Turns out low level elite status can still get you a free early Sunday morning upgrade. If you don’t have status it might be a good move to look for these flights at off-off peak times that aren’t likely to be packed with frequent business travelers. They’re more likely to have upgrades for purchase.

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  1. Max on December 19, 2013

    Jake, What were you doing in Tampa? I knew right away when I saw the gate numbers and the 737-900. Hope you enjoyed the city, it’s my hometown.

    • modhop on December 19, 2013

      I was there simply to try out DL’s 737-900. Didn’t leave the airport but wishing I had stayed now that I’m in sub 30 weather.

      • Max on December 19, 2013

        It looks great, thanks for the videos. We are supposed to be having the temperatures in the 80’s this weekend.

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