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Video | Delta 757-200 Row 35 – Crew Rest

Jake Redman November 25, 2013 2

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On November 25, 2013
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 (“75E”)
Seat Info: Row 35 Seats D – E – F
Class: Economy – Crew Rest

Delta 757 with Personal TV
Yeah there’s extra legroom, but that touch screen is so far away! – Personal TV aboard a Delta 757

Seat(s): The site is a familiar one for us. Worn blue leathery seats, tray tables in the armrests, early generation touch-screen personal TV’s.  35D, 35E and 35F look like run of the mill bulkhead  or maybe exit-row seats aboard a Delta 757-200 but on the airline’s configuration of this plane designated “75E”, these 3 seats aren’t in an exit row, aren’t economy comfort seats and have tons of extra legroom.

Used often on transatlantic flights, this configuration comes outfitted with this half-row of seats reserved for crew members to nap or relax during extra long flights. But on occasion, you’ll find these planes flying longer routes within the US and this small group of seats come with another a nice perk…


These extendable kickstand-style air ottomans are so simple that they can be difficult to figure out. Luckily, I was bored enough to investigate how they worked. After wasting time futzing with the recline button, pushing the seat bottom forward with my backside (like some modern seats that recline by doing so) and trying to lift the legrest up with my feet only to have it flop back down to the ground, I realized I’d have to get in there with my hands. By manually lifting the rest up and extending the support underneath, you’re rewarded with a place to prop your feet…and the guilt that comes with the confused faces of other passengers staring from across the aisle. “What? Do I have that”? Sorry A/B/C seats, no.

The ugly: These might be too close (right in front of) the washrooms for some. Passengers tend to congregate more on the other side (closer to exit row 36) but at busier times can line up in the aisle of the forward economy section.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: Personal TV’s  for these economy Delta 757-200 seats is what we’re used to. The roughly 10 inch screen offers up a handful of movies, games, HBO and other TV programming along with our fave: the moving map. 110v power ports aren’t available behind row 27 but all rows (including this one) come with USB ports underneath the seat. Wi-fi internet access is provided by gogo for a fee on domestic flights.

SiriusXM Flapjacks
Is it me or should Delta’s breakfast menu have breakfast items on it? – Pic: Flapjacks & Sausage in the SiriusXM Radio Break Room

Food: I’ve never been a fan of the sad egg-loafs that some airlines call “omelettes”, so I was surprised by my own negative reaction to the breakfast section of Delta’s “Eats” menu.  A fruit/cheese plate or a chicken sandwich were the only meal-like choices. Chicken sandwich? Seriously? C’mon. If they can put pancakes and sausage in the vending machine at my day job (see image to the left), you surely can freeze a few flapjacks for morning “Eats”, right?

Service: On this flight ther were no nasty stares asking for decaf. Flight attendants were courteous throughout.

Rating: 3 “hops” (of 5).

Route Flown (for this review): SFO (San Francisco) – JFK (New York)

How we got em’: For domestic travel these are reserved for premium “medallion” customers. Internationally they’re typically reserved for the flight crew, but we’ve heard stories of solo flyers being able to snag them at the gate. If you don’t have status with Delta it’s best to arrive at the gate early and ask for these seats specifically to see if they’re available.

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Jake Redman

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  1. Joe Banchik on November 29, 2013

    American has similar seats in row 17 of their 767-300’s. only difference is that the leg/footrest is more similar to the one in business class. anyone can sit in that row on domestic flights but that row is a crew rest on long int’l flights.

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