Airbus A319

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On March 5, 2012
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Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Seat: 9C  (Exit Row)
Class: Economy


Duct tape holds together panel near exit door.The Seat: This Delta Airlines A319 shows us the silver standard of exit row seats. Plenty of legroom and all the seat width of a typical economy seat. That the tray table is in the seatback means there’s no pesky arm-rest tray eating up valuable seat width. So chow down on that mini-can of Pringles, there’s room for growth.

It’s Delta’s typical blue-leather covering the old NWA (Northwest Airlines) seats with plenty of cushion for extra comfort unlike the newer “slimline” seats that skimp on material but give the marketing department another centimeter of legroom to brag about. Until they’re able to switch these older style seats for something more economical, you should be pretty comfortable here.

Service: Frankly, I don’t remember and didn’t write anything down about the service. The most likely cause for the my customer relations amnesia is that it was anything but special. I normally give Delta decent marks for on board service, so I’ll assume that I was happy here.

Food: I grabbed the fruit and cheese tray from the “EATS” menu. It’s a decent snack with a few different types of cheeses, fruits and a caramel dipping sauce. The price is airplane-expensive but it’s a decent alternative to chips or tiny pretzels.

Summary: . It’s great to have an exit row seat that gives you the normal width of an economy and pretty great legroom. In flight wi-fi and a few extra food options on longer flights help to fill up and kill time. It would be a dream to one day see personal TV’s on these planes, but it’s the fattest of fat chances.

Rating: 3 hops (of 5).

Strategy: If you carry any level of medallion (elite) status, you can reserve exit row seats at the time of booking. Otherwise, show up early and ask nicely if there are exit row seats available. Row 9 is the only exit row aboard this one. Good luck!

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