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Delta Sky Club – New York LaGuardia (LGA) Terminal C

Jake Redman September 17, 2012 2

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Review of: Delta Sky Club
New York LaGuardia - Terminal C

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On September 17, 2012
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Airline/Club Name:Delta SKY Club
Location:LGA (New York. LaGuardia)
Terminal/Concourse: Terminal C


Delta Sky Club LGA Terminal C
Bright! The only Delta Sky Club at LaGuardia with a window. Terminal C.

Notes: The seating inside this Terminal C Delta Sky Club at New York’s LaGuardia Airport is arranged in a way that’s slightly less communal than in it’s sibling lounge in Terminal D. Odd chairs with ultra large backs and sides separate the room a bit and there’s an alcove that’s semi-separate from the more open area, so it’s a little easier to create spots for you, family and/or colleagues can lounge separately from the crowds. While it’s short on quieter, more private areas I didn’t get the “chairs in a gymnasium” feel I get from some of Delta’s Lounges. This is the only Sky Club at LaGuardia with a window (a nice big one, too!). The added daylight and view give it a cheerier feel.

Typical Delta breakfast options, though carb heavy were well received.  Mini-muffins, bagels, cheeses, hot oatmeal and more were out for the taking. Would like to see more fruit choices (bananas, oranges, etc).


Service:At the time of this visit (9/2012) both Delta and US Airways (the previous occupants of this space) agents were on hand to help with reservations, all very friendly. Check-in was swift and polite.

Convenience to gate: This terminal is relatively small so you’ll only have to allow yourself a few minutes before boarding time to get to your gate.

Summary: I had been in this space when it was a US Airways Club just months before and this is a welcome improvement. Despite the lack of private spaces, I liked the furniture updates, premium bar selections and expanded power and connectivity options. While food was nothing extraordinary on this breakfast visit, it was enough to get started. This and the legacy United Club (former Red Carpet Club) are likely my two favorites at LaGuardia.

How I got in/Strategy: Whenever I have a cluster of trips on Delta with family or friends over a 30 day period, I purchase their 30 Day pass for $90 (9/1/2012). This is a great option if you use it for at least 4 individual visits over the 30 days or are travelling with friends or family as guests are permitted under the same rules as a full membership.   Delta branded American Express cards are good for a single visit along with a $25 co-pay, a good option if you don’t make frequent use of Delta’s lounges. Delta Reserve card grants complimentary access when flying Delta.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5)

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  1. DK Momus on September 28, 2012

    Recent experience has shown that Priority Pass is no longer accepted, but they will accept a standard Amex Platinum (mine is not Delta-branded) for access. Sky Club in HNL told me “we haven’t taken Priority Pass in awhile.” That ended up being confirmed by visits this month at DCA, ATL (B, E) and LAX.

    • Jake Redman on September 28, 2012

      DK- Indeed, Delta stopped working with Priority Pass about 2 years ago and it appears they aren’t honoring it here either. We’ll have to see if US Airways accepts it when they open their new lounge in 2013. Delta branded Amex cards allow access for $25 per guest, except the Delta Reserve card which grants complimentary access for you and two guests if flying on a Delta flight.

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