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On February 10, 2014
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Lounge: HSBC Premier Lounge
Where: Istanbul (IST) – Atatürk Havalimani (IST), International Terminal

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Odd seating at HSBC Lounge Istanbul

Because you’ll have to swivel to talk to your business mates? – Oddly places spin-chair at HSBC Premiere Lounge at Istanbul Airport.

Seating: We all come in different shapes and sizes so the HSBC Premier Lounge gets points for having different styles of seating. Deep loungers, wide loungers, swivel chairs, you name it. Seats are arranged in a way that isn’t particularly cramped but because the space is so small it’s not unlikely that you won’t get the seat you want.

Cafe style seating might be a little awkward when the outer ring tables of this small area are full. Working around other espresso and soup enthusiasts makes it feel like the worlds tiniest food court seating area.

Food/Drink: There was an “okay” selection of pastries during our midday visit but other than soup, there were no good meal options. If you’re okay with a domestic US style lounge experience, you’ll be fine. Our not very rigid standards for food in an international style business lounge weren’t met.

Limited food options at HSBC Lounge Istanbul

Hope there’s a meal on your flight. This is about the whole food spread at HSBC Lounge at IST.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Codes for complimentary wi-fi are offered at the front desk. We were out before checking speed and reliability of the connection.

Service: Front desk staff weren’t mean but certainly not friendly. Check-in went smooth but without a word…card swipe, move along. Inside staff were quick to clean up but slow to stock food.

Summary: From the entrance to The HSBC Premier Lounge you can see a number of other options and just a few levels below, the much larger PrimeClass Lounge with a greater selection of food, seating and a larger bar.

Rating: 2 hops (of 5).

How to get in: If you’ve got a ton of cash and keep it locked up inside an HSBC vault you may qualify for Premiere Banking which is enough to get you in. If you’re not pro-athlete rich, a PriorityPass membership will get you in too.

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