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Jake Redman February 7, 2014

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On February 7, 2014
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Hotel Name: Sheraton Amsterdam Airport
Location: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)


Room mini-fridge at Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel
Luckily, there’s booze in the vending machine outside. – Sad empty beer fridge. at Sheraton AMS

The Room:  Knowing full well that a club room upgrade doesn’t get much more than a fewextra washroom amenities and maybe an extra robe, I didn’t expect much before walking into ours at Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel…and it’s a good thing. With great expectations I would have been sad to find myself in such a drab, small space. It’s odd how mis-matchy all these neutral colors seem. I can only guess that room decor was a slow, multi-year project based on comment card suggestions from the worlds dullest business travelers.

But it works.

Our room was clean and plenty comfortable despite it’s uninspiring decor. Sheets and bedding are near what you might expect in a mid-level hotel and even though there wasn’t the elbow room of other much larger and seemingly fancier Sheraton Hotels we’ve stayed at, there’s enough room to relax. Prop yourself up for TV time on the large King bed or kick back chaise style right next to it.

If you’re looking for a little more space, you might want to spring for the Executive Club Room. These are corner units with a bit more space and light but the same club level amenities.

The hotel made their own video of the rooms and club lounge in more ideal conditions:

Washroom: This is where your club level upgrade really delivers. That is, if “delivers” means a loaned bathrobe,  shaving kit and a small loofah. But then you could always just call the front desk and ask for these things, have them delivered to your non-club room and feel like you gamed the system. But here, it’s all there waiting for you.

Another attempt at luxury is the rainfall shower head but it doesn’t extend to a spot where it might actually feel like rain. Luckily there’s an adjustable and handheld head for a more familiar experience. The tub is a tub…it appears to hold water.

Counter space is just enough to give you room on either side of the sink to lay out your skin-care routine,  pre-flight makeup or hockey hair grooming kit.

Amenities: Sheraton’s in-house “Shine” brand is out in force here. In addition to the normal shampoo, conditioner and lotion, you”ll get mouthwash, bath gel, a small loofah, swabs, cotton wipes and a shave kit. To use them all as if you were in the globes most lackluster spa, put on the free slippers and loaner-robe.

Service: Service at all points was just slightly above average. A friendly check-in preceeded equally pleasant exhanges with club lounge and gym staff. All met our minimum standards for a 3-star hotel.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: If you skip the club lounge on your stay you could call this upgrade is just a really expensive way to pay for wi-fi. Club guests don’t have to pay extra to connect to the internet.

Food in club lounge at Sheraton Amsterdam Airport
Picked over meats and lowball veggie shots. – Evening spread at Sheraton AMS Club Lounge

Club Lounge: The club room seemed a little cramped and was pretty full on our breakfast visit. Very basic offerings like yogurt, eggs and bacon were offered buffet-style, but there are no specialty meals available. The evening reception offering was sparse. Chips and a few light snacks were out and picked over.

Seating might be an issue here if the lounge is very busy. Seating areas are tight so you may be touching knees with one of the boring businesspeople responsible for your sad, ultra-grey room.

Overall: The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport is the modhop minimum for an average airport hotel. We’d certainly stay here again. Everything is clean enough, food is acceptable, people are freiendly. Things are okay…as they should be.

Our Rating: 3 “hops” (of 5)

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