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Video | JetBlue A320 – Exit Row 11

Jake Redman May 26, 2014 2

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On May 26, 2014
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Airline: JetBlue
Aircraft: A320
Seat maps: JetBlue | SeatGuru
Seat Info: Row 11
Class: Even More Space (Extra Legroom) – Exit

Seat(s): The vacation starts early for your legs. We’re just eyeballing it, but pretty sure that there’s more space here than you’ll find in the other “Even More Legroom”  seats closer to the front of this JetBlue A320. Where your back-half is concerned these are well cushioned, older style leather seats and are comfortable but don’t have a headrest. You may think it’s sad looking, but you might appreciate it’s cushiony goodness in a few years after everyone has gone with the much thinner, slimline seats.


Jet Blue Airlines seat 11D - A320
Like a foam loaf with a yardwork bag over it the seat isn’t really pretty, but plenty comfortable. 11D aboard a JetBlue A320.

Typical economy seats aboard the JetBlue A320 are among the roomiest in the US domestic market so buying up to “Even More” gets you more than the standard upsell on the same aircraft of a different airline. For example a typical Delta “Economy Comfort” upgrade gets you 34″ of “pitch” (leg/knee space) compared to JetBlue’s minimum 38″ in an “Even More” seat on this plane.

Tech/Connectivity/Entertainment: JetBlue burst onto the scene in 2000 as the domestic king of in-flight entertainment with live TV at every seat. Since, other carriers have unevenly attempted to catch up with their own versions but only smaller and newer US carriers like Virgin America have been able to promise it consistently aboard each of their planes. While that’s great, the newer products on some of these carriers have raised the bar on screen size, number of channels and by adding other options like in-seat power for personal devices. While the airline is committed to improving the product on newer planes, it’s doing a little catching up of it’s own. Short version: This plane has several channels of live DirecTV and a few movies…The end.

Did I say “the end”?! No. In addition to live TV, there’s a generous sampling of SiriusXM music channels you can stare outside and daydream to. If you’re an insomnicac on a Friday night redeye, you can even hear me yapping occasionally between songs on Alt Nation, channel 36…or sleep.

Jet Blue Snacks
The JetBlue juice and blue chips diet. Free snacks aboard an A320.

Food: On every flight you’ll get what you typically get in first class aboard a legacy carrier outside of mealtime…and more. Complimentary snacks are offered from a basket chuck full of blue potato chips, cookies and more. Plus, once the initial service is done, you can skip to the back and get more if you please (while supplies last).  If you’re looking for something more hearty, a more robust snack box is available for purchase and a menu of meal options (sandwiches, etc) is availbable on longer cross-country flights.

Service: Our experiences with JetBlue have been at minimum humane. With the exception of a rare freakout, the airline has maintained a fairly solid reputation for service. This flight came with a smiling, helpful and efficient flight crew.

Rating: 4 hops (of 5).

Route Flown for this review: Newark (EWR) – Orlando (MCO)

Get it: Once your flight is booked it’s easy to purchase an upgrade to an “Even More Space” seat using the seat map(s) for your flight at or by calling the airline directly. If you have Mosaic status you’ve got the option of redeeming TrueBlue points for these roomier seats.

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  1. Joe Banchik on November 29, 2014

    I agree Jake. I’ve flown 11D before and it’s the best for legroom. The aisle seats in row 11 are your best choice cause the exit row window seats are missing an armrest and all middle seats have an equipment box underneath. Plus rows 9 and 10 don’t recline, allowing more space. I’m flying in row 11 again in january, this time in 11C and I’m looking forward to my trip.

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