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Lounge: KLM Crown Lounge – Houston (IAH)
 D Terminal near Gate D8

Seating: The 4 obnoxiously tall-backed spinny chairs at the front of this KLM Crown Lounge seem useless…but look pretty cool. In a pinch I suppose you and your 3 colleagues could sit in an awkward circle using your briefcases as a table.

Suit yourself.

Tables and chairs.
There’s a nice section of café seating for casual snacking or full-on chow time.

There’s plenty of normal seating here from cushy cube loungers to half bench-half chair café seating near the center food and drink buffet. Seating is sectioned nicely creating more intimate areas for calmer lounging.

Check out our pics from this lounge.

Food/Drink: It’s best lounge spread at IAH. By that I don’t mean it’s an exceptional buffet for an international terminal club but with cold cuts, veggies, pasta salad and a few other premium food offerings on our evening visit, it was points above what we would have found in any United Club here.

Wi-fi/Connectivity: Grab a password at the front and you’re connected. We got reasonable speeds for general web browsing, light video streaming and simple functions like e-mail and social networking.

Sandwich and Pasta Salad.
You’ll have to grab a lot of tiny cold cuts to jam between the gigantic slices of bread if you want to taste them. Eats at KLM Lounge at IAH.

Service: The front desk agent was quick to point out that the lounge was closing in just over an hour. Reminders like this might seem a little off-putting to some but it’s a good thing to know if you’re using  the pay-per-visit level Priority Pass or are buying your way in another way. The lounge was well maintained throughout our visit and kept very clean.

Showers: No showers.

Summary: My attempts at visiting IAH United Clubs had me walking out within 10 minutes to go find an empty gate. It’s just one reason I agree that this is the best lounge at IAH. Reasonable food options and good seating options with separation add to a handful of other reasons that this is a worthy upgrade.

Rating: 3 hops of 5. (Rated as an international lounge.)

How to get in: Delta Sky Club  and upper-elite SkyTeam members are in. KLM Lounge Houston (Crown Lounge) also accepts Priority Pass.

Access this and other lounges here and around the world: Priority Pass - 10% Off

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